{5 simple ways to} dress down your ‘going out’ pieces

I f there is one thing I want (make that neeeed) my clothes to be able to do, it’s be versatile.

Think of your wardrobe as your own cool little eatery and it’s filled with all your favourite people. There are a whole bunch of personalities in there, some laid-back and casual, some edgy and cool, some plain, some fun but what makes this place really great (and consequently what makes your wardrobe great) is that everyone GETS ALONG..like a house on fire, actually!

I want my fancy clothes to get along with my not-so-fancy clothes because a. it makes for amazing combos, b. everything gets worn looong after the party is over and c. it just makes life easier!!

So without further ado, here are 5 options:

1. A showy necklace with a plain white tee

a showy necklace with a plain white tee

So what do you do with a necklace that just seems too OTT for everyday?

You wear it with your everyday tee that’s what. I should point out here that the look works best with a clean white tee rather than, let’s say a milk-stained/food-stained one which is why I have a couple of everyday crisp tees hiding away (from little hands).

Where I found mine: My white tee is an oldie but this is pretty darn close/cool. The necklace is currently available in-store at Lovisa.

2. A dramatic earring with a messy bun

Pair a dramatic earring with a messy bun

But I don’t/can’t/won’t do a messy bun Erena? (I can hear someone somewhere say…)

No problemo. I know I rock the messy bun most days simply because it works for me and if I didn’t my son would have a field day pulling my hair out but if the messy bun isn’t for you, the key to this look is the word messy (but not too messy), think lightly disheveled or bed-head hair pulled back (to showcase the earring) but if not, slick back your hair like in my first look.

Also, continue the casual vibe with a plain top.

Where I found mine:  These gothic-style earrings are no longer in store but a really showy pair can easily be found. Whether they’re high end, high street or a family heirloom, the more opulent the better. For an affordable price-point I would try Lovisa or something like these from Colette Hayman.

3. A jumpsuit with a clean white sneaker


For the first time in two years I’m not heading into Summer with a pregnant belly which could explain why I have a few jumpsuits on rotation for ‘going-out’.

Fear not if jumpsuits aren’t your thing, a clean white sneaker is the perfect way to dress down a black dress just like this or a floaty skirt too, like this.

Where I found mine: This one is by Kate Sylvester and annoyingly no longer available but I am currently eyeing up this  for Summer because of its versatility, plus I have a soft spot for khaki. My sneakers are available here though I do like these too ;-P

4. Faux fur with worn-in jeans and a tee

Faux fur with a printed tee and jeans

A faux fur jacket can sometimes feel a bit too ‘glam’ for everyday until that is, you pair it back with worn-in denim, a relaxed top and flats. I recently wore this ensemble on a much needed girly movie date (thumbs up to Bridget Jones’ Baby!) and while I felt dressy, I also didn’t feel overdressed which for me, is the perfect balance!

My friend loved the look and my husband (who isn’t as fussed on style, funny that…) thought I looked very ‘New York’ (haha ah bless!)

Faux fur is admittedly a bit hot for the upcoming Summer days but is still perfect for a relaxed evening out at this time of year.

Where I found mine: This is a faux fur stunner from my Nan’s closet. Ultimately you can find faux fur jackets and vests hiding in many unsuspecting wardrobes everywhere (Hello Mum, Nana..) but if you’d like one now, you’ll likely find one on sale (Yay!) or secondhand.

5. A bold print with a stonewashed denim jacket

Soften a bold print with stonewashed denim

Casual, stonewashed denim will help to soften a bold night-out print whether that’s in a dress, jumpsuit or other. Heading in to Summer go for a lighter shade of denim like a sun-faded blue or white.

Some people shy away from denim jackets for a lot of reasons, namely because it can sometimes feel like you’re revisiting the 80s (and not in a good way).  If you feel this way, swap a denim jacket for a denim shirt-dress worn unbuttoned and open like this …timeless.

Where I found mine: My denim jacket is currently available in-store at Glassons and other colour-ways can be found here.


The great thing about dressing-down your ‘going-out’ pieces means that those plain otherwise casual items are instantly lifted making the plain feel ‘dressy’ and the fancy feel ‘less-so’ which is a very good thing. Why? Because it means more outfits for you to fill that ‘smart-dressy’ part of your wardrobe that always feels lacking.

Here’s to getting more out of those bold, showy (previously one-time-only) wears!


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  1. Lorena
    December 8, 2016 / 2:50 am

    Love.Your.Style! nothing more to add here! 🙂

  2. December 13, 2016 / 11:46 am

    You.are.too.kind! Thank you lovely Lorena! X

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