6 trends I’m loving for Winter

I hope you had a good Easter weekend and for all those affected by the torrential weather over the last few weeks, my heart truly goes out to you.

I wrote this before all the crazy weather came to be, around the time I realised that the Summer we’d had was as good as it was going to get. [Cue awkward hugs to winter then]

The word trend is a funny one. Do I follow them? Yes because I like to know what is happening in style but in many ways trends are being absorbed into our brains whether we like to know them or not. They are there on our screens, in the places we visit and quite often, in the people we meet and sometimes we can’t help but be influenced by them…

So without further ado below are 6 trends that I am drawn to ahead of winter and why


#1 Tassel details [shimmy shimmy]

Tassel details

If you know me, you’ll know that I prefer to change up my look by focusing on the little details like a colour or pattern. It’s less expensive than buying a whole new seasonal wardrobe and it makes changing up my look incredibly easy (yaay!)

Tassel and fringe detailing is a little unexpected for winter (probably because it’s a little bit festival-inspired) but I love that they give the everyday ‘jeans and top’ combo a fresh revamp.

How I wear mine: My vest is from Brady (seasons ago) but I find accessorising to be the easiest way to wear it. You’ll often spy me wearing these with everything. Bags are also a great investment, I could see this and this looking great with a chunky knit sweater. Alternatively keep it simple with a plush scarf. Side note: If you’re into secondhand this is a lovely piece.


#2.Pleats [elegant yes, but easy to dress down too]


A timeless classic in my book. I have two skirts and a few tops with pleats and they always survive a self-imposed wardrobe audit.

For a dressier look I’ll wear mine with a smart but slouchy top, similar in style to this with ankle boots. I also find that dressing tonally keeps the overall look sophisticated. 

Similar to mine:  This is a Kate Sylvester skirt (not current) but the style is in many a store if you look around. See, here and this one reminds me of mine above. 


#3. Frayed Hems [ahem, in jeans that is]

Frayed hems

This is one of those ‘for casual’ trends that you’ll totally love or completely hate, clearly I’m the former!

For me personally I find a frayed hem more versatile to wear than a ripped jean probably because I can still conceal them by rolling them up, and I do (sometimes!).

Where I found mine: Mine are a 90’s slim fit jean from Glassons (only available in store) but similar in style to the Levi’s Wedgie . I took to mine (very carefully and intentionally) with a pair of sewing scissors which by the way is easy enough to do but on the other hand if you prefer your frayed denim to be a little less hand done there are plenty of beaut store finds around.


#4. Navy [it’s the new black]


Actually, nothing could ever replace black right? But if you wanted to, navy would be the one to do it.

Sure, a coat is a good way to make a statement (and I do it often) but this isn’t exactly a colour that is hard to find or wear so you can embrace it in smaller ways as in all it would take is a darker wash of denim and just like that, bang on trend!

Similar to mine: You guessed it, my coat isn’t new but it is a classic military style and while these aren’t the same I am loving the caped coats available at the moment ala this and this


4. Leather accents [the 80’s called…]

Leather skrt

Leather pants and skirts, are just for the 80s right, nah-ah!

Ok, ok I realise that  leather on your lower-half isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and for a time I would have agreed with you too but heading into Winter I’m changing sides.

It’s really easy to become jaded with a look, i.e. jeans, top, boots repeat so when I want to switch things up I turn to different textures and this season it’s leather.

Similar to mine: My skirt was an etsy find and as there is a lot of leather going on I like to pair it back with something ‘simple’ like a tee (or in winter it will be a knit sweater, channeling this). Some other skirt options to peruse could be: this or this or this (suede) or even this (not leather but stylistically similar 😉


4. True red lippy [but wait isn’t this..no, no it isn’t]

True red lippy

Here she is ‘banging on her red lippy drum again’ right?

You might even think I’ve talked about red lippy before and you’d be right but that was orange-red silly!! And now I’m talking more of a true and intense blue-red.

Big difference…HUGE (cue Pretty Woman flashbacks 😉

I admit, true blue-red lips are intense but in a way that is soo suited to Winter and all those black, grey and navy colour combinations that we’ll all be wearing.

My shade of choice: I don’t wear a lot of makeup but when it comes to lipstick, I am usually after a verrry specific colour and while I love natural alternatives the only reds I wanted, for me personally came via Smashbox’s Bawse’ and Chi chi’s ‘Maid of Dishonour‘ (super matte – wearing above) but choose what works for you. I also love to wear red with white and black, case in point (also above).



Ok so there we go!

This is by no means all of them, but a few of the things I’m gravitating towards.

So let’s swap notes, what about you? What will you be wearing from here to Winter? Will you be switching up your style, sticking to your ‘same-olds’ or delving into unchartered territory?

I’d love to know 🙂


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  1. Louise
    April 18, 2017 / 4:10 am

    Gorgeous and as inspiring as ever sweet Erena! Can you tell me where you purchased the lovely white tee that pops up a couple of times above?

  2. April 19, 2017 / 2:27 am

    Thank you Louise! The lovely white tee was a Melbourne buy from an alley boutique – brand name on tee is Chu but I was mentioning to someone else who commented on it that I’m not entirely sold on this tee – the fabric is quite heavy and so I’m keen to buy something similar in style but a better fabric (that I know where to find when I need another). I have narrowed my search down to the Kowtow building block tee or the heritage rib short sleeve tee by Bassike. They both have a longer sleeve which is what this one has that I like. I’m forever wearing my white shirts and tees so I think either are worth the investment (especially as I think the fabric will be nicer too – I hope! ;-))

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