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Feather stroke brows

Feather Touch Brows: Part One

  Will they shave off all your eyebrows!? This was the somewhat fearful and totally off-the-wall response by my husband when I decided to take the plunge and have my eyebrows ‘feathered’ (as in, tattooed). The short and obvious-to-me answer was ‘Heck no!‘ but it got me thinking that perhaps his reaction was shared by more than a […]

That time I had now eyebrows

Face: How I do my brows (Vid)

Eyebrows, just how important are they? If you asked my 15 year old self she’d probably say not very… One boring night, 2 stray hairs and Mum’s sharp tweezers ended in what could only be described as an eyebrow plucking frenzy.  Over the years, people have complimented me on my brows which is nice but now […]