Costa’s room reboot

You know it has been a long time between blog posts when the last room I revealed is also the room that just got a makeover!

As for why this room needed to change? Have you ever found yourself saying ‘That’ll do’ to a project knowing you could do more? Well that was how I felt about this room when I finished it last year. Granted, it was right before my due date and with a big ol’ belly slowing me down, while I was happy with the end result I knew I’d want to do more at some point.

So sure enough, when Costa outgrew his car bed earlier this year and Sol (who now walks) became extremely interested in everything his brother had, I decided that now was the time to make good on my ‘that’ll do’ room with some added extras.

The Plan:

  • Maximise play space (a.k.a floor area)
  • More clever storage solutions that wouldn’t impact play zone
  • Keep it age appropriate with room to grow.

For comparison, Costa’s last room update can be found here

Costas’ Bedroom rebooted – The Result

Multi-drawer bed frame – Hello clever storage! via TSB Living store on Trade Me – I customized the bed by painting it in Cossack Rock Quarter by Dulux and had the head and foot boards cut into arch shapes and glued on a large ‘C’ | John Crichton lamp base via Trade Me – Customized with a new lampshade – also secondhand. I also painted the lampshade base in Smooth Chocolate Spraypaint by Dulux | Rice paper shade (formerly from the lounge) is by Noguchi | Wallpaper was designed by Prints & Goods Shop and enlarged via Your Decal Home – I painted some of the shapes different colours by Dulux including Cossack Rock, Hoon Hay, Raymonds Gap and Te Pupuha Point | Floor rug via Spotlight (oldie)
Lampshade | found seperately to the lamp base via Trade Me | Fold shelf by Made of Tomorrow via A&C Homestore | All items on the shelves are from Costa’s previous bedroom/nursery and are no longer available at the links I used (Kmart radio, fishing rod – Etsy, Binoculars – Kids Caravan, Blocks – Fishpond, shell – secondhand)
Khaki duvet cover by Citta via Paper Plane Store | Teddy bear The Hospice Shop Waikato | Whale  via Big Stuffed \ Brown fleece blanket via Spotlight | Dinosaur pillow via Bed Bath & Beyond \ Main Pillowcase is via Citta | (R) Floating round shelf by Formantics via Paper Plane Store | Floating mobile was made by me using last years Christmas decorations
Secondhand kitchen via Trade Me – customized with Dulux paint in the colours Raymond’s Gap and Te Pupuha Point, set on to a plywood backing board with wheels to move around the room | Wallpaper – Royallwallskins on Etsy
Kitchen Utensils via Kmart | Artificial Plants, Plates, Tongs via Farmers
(Left) Camera via Kids Caravan | Magnet board via Kmart – customized | Te Reo magnets via (most) $2 shops | Photo cork board (is actually a hot plate saver via Kmart) | Stools (the tops come off for clever storage) secondhand via Trade Me | Mini Daily Roller via George & Willy | Various containers (wall organiser) via Bed Bath & Beyond, Briscoes and Kmart – please see vid below
Wall to play hut | This was an idea I came up with simply to make better use of the alcove area. My father in law Charles constructed it from MDF and it is hinged so that it folds flat against the wall. It gives the space another element without taking away from the floor area and the kids love to hide in there or Costa will happily serve you pretend ice-creams (if you’re lucky 🙂 . To see the wall in action the video from my instagram post is below.

And that is Costa’s new and improved room which I can assure you there will be no upgrades for quite some time besides both boys love to hang out in here and that’s what counts!

As for my leave of absence on here, well, I could give you a million and one reasons as to why but all you really need to know is that life has been lived fully in that time just with less opportunity to document it all along the way. The good thing is I still feel passionately about my blog and while I may not get posts out as frequently as I once did, the posts you will see are the ones that no amount of sleep deprivation, piles of washing or clambering toddlers can stop me from publishing!

UP NEXT: Sol turns one and while his little corner of my blog has remained empty for all of his 12 months of living, it’s only fair that his is the story that I will tell next, so stay tuned.


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  1. Tave
    October 13, 2019 / 7:38 pm

    So clever, you have such a great eye for bargains on Trade Me. Thanks for sharing where you find everything, invaluable for my own budget house update 🙂

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