Costa’s room reveal

W  hat used to be a room all three of us shared, is now a space just for him.

I could say that Costa had been patiently waiting to have this room for-like-ever but in truth he really wasn’t bothered, such is the beauty of having a 2 1/2  year old where empty boxes and kitchen utensils still make for happy playmates.

Having said that, there is something so satisfying about getting to the last room of the house (at least on the side that we’re focusing on) and giving it it’s own identity.

I don’t know what I was expecting when Costa first saw it. I mean, I hoped he’d like it but given his age I also didn’t think he’d care too much for it either but to my surprise he was really excited and overjoyed for the changes and even now a couple of months in, he’ll jump on the bed, sit on the stools, ride the rocking horse and point out all the shapes.

I’d never seen this side of him before; this appreciation and acknowledgement for a room that he clearly knew was for him but it really reinforced why we wanted to make it a bit special for him, at least until Sol’s old enough to love it too but ummm we won’t tell Costa that just yet!! 😉

 Costas’ Bedroom 



Ply car bed frame via Trade Me (handmade by a lovely Dad for his son who outgrew it) and then I painted it in Te Mata Peak by Dulux | Poppy Roberts Mattress via Farmers | Elephant duvet cover by Gorgi | Teddy bear The Hospice Shop Waikato | Chair (Marcel Breuer in style) via Trade Me – yes I know you may think this chair looks mighty uncomfortable but I have tested it many times while cuddling a sleepless Costa and I can assure you tis’ comfy.


Floor was repainted in Resene Quarter Parchment | Wardrobe doors are painted in Resene (Karen Walker) Grain brown – this has become a feature colour throughout the house as the light here responds to it so well | Door knobs were purchased from Bunnings – I find that smaller door knobs have a more scandi-feel | Cane rocking horse via Trade Me – aside from looking ‘pretty’ it’s super lightweight for toddler legs/arms to operate hence why Costa and the many children before him have enjoyed it, not bad for a 30 year old horse huh! | Jute Rug via Kmart


‘Stacked Shapes’ Art Print via Samantha Totty | Frame by via Riverlea Gallery  


Light fixture custom via LightCookie | Wall colour is ‘fluffy cloud’ by Valspar


Hanging Mobile via Walk in The Park | In many ways this mobile gave me a lot of inspiration for this room as the whole idea was to play on shapes that feature throughout the house but in a more playful, child-friendly way.


Kid’s trestle and stools set via Base Furniture | Feature wall wallpaper custom design via yourdecalshop – I had an existing print from Prints and Goods custom sized for my wall which I purchased and then had made into the feature wallpaper. | Wallpaper installed by Jenni Jefferson Decorators


Binoculars via Kids Caravan | Cardboard radio via Kmart – you may recognise these two items from Costa’s nursery way back when so while they are not new they are perhaps better suited to this space as he is finally old enough to understand and enjoy them. 


Book cupboard custom made – This was another piece from Costa’s nursery and while it needed very little updating, I repainted the frame in Dulux Te Mata Peak | Retro table lamp via Trade Me – I love the idea of putting the odd ‘grown up’ piece in a child’s room just to give the space more staying power for growing into, though let’s be honest, I’m sure he’ll want a very specific themed room soon enough! 

I had a lot of fun finding inspiration for this room. I guess I wanted it to connect to the rest of the house but in a much more playful way and while it is a fairly minimally styled space this was intentional so that Costa can move things around, clear a space to tip all of his toys out or draw on the table – all of which have already happened.

I finished this room the same day I took these pictures at 38 weeks pregnant hence why it possibly doesn’t look that ‘lived-in’ yet but I was glad to put the paint brushes down before Sol’s arrival on the scene… but that as they say, is another story for another time which will hopefully come soon, given that I’m feeling slightly more in control of this ‘Mum of two boys’ gig now (emphasis on the word ‘slightly’).


Before/After: The only ‘before’ photos I could find were from way back when we all camped in the one room two and a half years ago and well before our master bedroom came to be but still it wasn’t much to look at that’s for sure!

  • Before-Costas room
    After-Costas room
    Before Costas room After

Also, if there is anything I have left out or any questions you might have about the room or aspects of it, feel free to ask away either here, on FB or via Insta


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  1. July 26, 2018 / 12:32 am

    Brilliant, as usual! x

  2. July 29, 2018 / 11:50 pm

    Thank you Gem, that means a lot coming from you x

  3. Janelle Matchett
    July 30, 2018 / 1:12 am


  4. August 21, 2018 / 2:55 pm

    Beautiful and creative design; a fun but sophisticated room your son can grow with!

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