The fashion finds that have helped me feel stylish all pregnancy

Firstly, do not be fooled into thinking that I make pregnancy style look easy….

These photos were taken at the earlier stages of my third trimester (30 or so weeks) and there is a big difference between my round tummy then and my super round tummy now, not to mention all the other body hangups that expand at 37 weeks – I was also sporting a fairly decent spray tan then too which I personally find to be a feelgood hack and all round confidence booster at any time.

Having said this and always one to look for the positives in life, the fact that this post comes right at the end of my pregnancy as opposed to 7 weeks ago (when I intended to write it) has meant that I have been able to really road test these pieces, omit a couple that haven’t quite gone the distance and simply just talk about the things that have!

So without further ado, these are the things (and aspects of ‘said’ things) that have given me the most style, confidence and comfort throughout my pregnancy.

Note:  Where possible I have suggested alternatives as I realise that some may no longer be available.

#1 The tunic dress [but not just any tunic dress]


What I look for: The word tunic has had a bad wrap over the years simply because it seemed to be earmarked as a shapeless top that could be worn (thrashed) over leggings and to some degree that isn’t inaccurate… BUT not all tunics are created equal and this one has three distinct features that make it the stylish all rounder.

  • It’s lightweight, delicate and skims the bump
  • It has an open neckline which elongates the neck and flatters an expanding bust
  • At just above the knee it makes a comfortable dress but could be worn ‘kaftan style’ over skinny leg pants or denim – with heels.

Tunic dresses aren’t hard to find but if you look for the above features you’ll have a versatile and stylish wee number that fits throughout pregnancy. Just accessorise for added oomph!

How I wear mine: This was an H&M find, but what I like about it is that it can be worn as an everyday piece around the house with flats or dressed up for dinner out, with over the knee boots, a faux fur coat and a sweep of red lippy. This looks lovely as does this (for a neutral option).

#2. A super long everyday tee [so so versatile]


What I look for: The plain tee is a wardrobe staple and in pregnancy the only difference in my tee-shirt buying has been to go for a size or two bigger and extra long length.

The longer the tee, the more it will accommodate your growing tummy and if you like to wear them under a dress like me, the longer length means you don’t need to worry about a slip (or having a t-shirt hemline showing across your bum). I wear a t-shirt almost every other day over pants, under dresses or with skirts and I simply szhoosh them up with a leather jacket or statement jewellery.

Similar to mine:  These tees were another H&M purchase but most stores stock tees – just length is the key (because you’ll appreciate it down the line). I would try Asos, Commoners, Assembly Label, Ascolour, Kowtow and also surf stores. Or if getting a longer length still eludes you, try the mens tee section .

#3. A wrap blouse [or similar]


What I look for: This was one of those pieces I picked up and thought ‘too much fabric’, ‘too much detail’ and likely to ‘much bulk’ but I was happy to try and pleasantly wrong. Which is also why, wherever possible, I’d encourage you to go in store, and have a big try on – take an upbeat mate along for support.

The beauty of this blouse is that it has an empire elastic waist which sits underneath the bust but above my tummy so it actually minimises the tummy. It’s not maternity per se’ but it missed its calling! The extra fabric is offset by a deep V neckline (which still manages to hide a full bust) and it oozes an avant garde quality which isn’t something I generally expect to find in pregnancy but I did, so I went for it!

Where I found mine: Another H&M piece – sorry I wasn’t actually intending to be all ‘one stop shop’ (and I purchased all these things) I just ended up on an unexpected roll so had to go with it. Search ‘wrap top’ or ‘wrap blouse’ and you should find several examples. I love this but I don’t see it being long enough to accommodate a big bump but something like this or this has the length and could therefore go the distance.

#4. Silk or silky fabrics [layer upon layer]


What I look for: Funnily enough, I don’t actually like wearing silk, satin or shiny fabrics. I don’t know why, but I see them as being ‘sweaty’ and more high maintenance than wearing white. I feel like I would ruin it with a drop of water or perfume but as I’ve expanded I’ve come to appreciate that silk has a lot of benefits to a growing tummy:

  • It glides over the body and just looks (and feels) really elegant on
  • Provided you don’t sweat too much, it is light and freeing to wear
  • It has a mysterious way of minimising those body hang ups

Similar to mine: These are both old season but they are fairly simple styles to look out for. The top is a loose blouse (v neckline) from Witchery and the pants are wide leg, satin and elastic waist so plenty of room for the tummy. While the neckline is a bit higher than I’d like, I do like this top and this is elegant , These remind me a little of Pj’s they aren’t, but if you mixed and matched them it could be a really chic look with a low heel as could this dress slightly unbuttoned with a high heel or over the knee boot.

#5. The maxi tee dress [comfy and dressy]


What I look for: Quite simply, a good drape (a fabric with a little bit of weight so that it hangs nicely) and ideally a rich, interesting colour.

You can’t go too far wrong with a maxi tee dress in pregnancy as they are fairly generously sized for comfort (and in my case, expansion). But I will be able to wear this post baby too which I like. It has the ease of a t-shirt with the dazzle of an evening dress, so what’s not to love and if I want to make the look more formal, I’ll add a tailored jacket and oversized earrings.

 Where I got mine: This one is by Shjark and currently on sale! I can’t say enough good things about it because it simply just goes with everything and can easily be dressed up or down. If I hadn’t found this one, I would likely have turned to Kowtow who are also great at the maxi tee dress.

#6. An oversized white shirt [tie it up or wear it loose]


I love a crisp white shirt and have worn one throughout this pregnancy, day to day. At first with jeans and then over leggings and elastic waisted pants. I went up a couple of sizes from my normal size, knowing that there isn’t a lot of give – which has been a good move!

The look above is very ‘Roman holiday’ but in the latter stages of the second trimester and early third, I loved tying up my white shirt and wearing a midi skirt high over the bump to accentuate it – because there is no hiding it, and sometimes a bump just looks better when you don’t try to hide it!

Of special mention:

I haven’t spoken much about pants in this pregnancy because I have really only worn four on high rotation.

  • A pair of elastic waisted jeans from Crossroads (circa the time I had Costa) but these ones from Jeanswest look fab/similar.
  • A pair of crossover linen pants from Glassons (again circa the time I had Costa)  and as they are on their last legs I am going to have them remade by a tailor.
  • The satin ones above which were H&M
  • And my all time favourite, all day every day Moochi tidal pants. For which I now own three pairs (one is a size up from my normal size) and has been essential this trimester. I know that not everyone likes ‘drop crotch’ pants, but the drop crotch on these minimises the tummy in a really flattering and comfy way ( I guess because there is all that fabric down there which I can hoist up over my tummy so they then become ‘no drop-crotch’ pants lol!!).

And throughout my pregnancy, but especially as the trimesters roll on and every part of me seems to be expanding, I have found solace in occasionally turning to an at-home tan for a bit of a bronzed glow and feel-good factor. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea and I don’t do it often but I feel like I have tried quite a few but keep coming back to Loving Tan’s ultra dark mousse and the Eco Tan face water from Tonic Health, which seems to always be sold out (and I can see why). 

Wow, so if you haven’t fallen asleep or started yawning yet, those are all the things, tips, tricks and ways I’ve been wearing things to help me feel stylish throughout this pregnancy.

I haven’t mentioned the importance of statement jewellery, accessories or lippy to offset a plain outfit but I’ll go into more detail on my specific favourites in a later post.

For now, I am simply just trying to get my head in the game for the ‘final countdown’.

I can’t quite believe that I’ll have another baby earthside soon!

If there is anything I haven’t mentioned here that you would like to know or any other tips and insights that you think I could help with or if you’d simply like to share what you have been ‘living in/relying on’ to get you through your pregnancy in a more stylish way, let me know either down below, over on FB or on the gram!

Til next time…


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