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Costa’s room reboot

You know it has been a long time between blog posts when the last room I revealed is also the room that just got a makeover! As for why this room needed to change? Have you ever found yourself saying ‘That’ll do’ to a project knowing you could do more? Well that was how I […]

book giveaway

A booklovers giveaway #1

//  Hi folks, thank you so much for entering!  Winners have been drawn (as in, husband drew names  from a bowl – no peeking) and the giveaway is now CLOSED. // Winners: Styled by Emily Henderson – Yvette M Radical Self Love by Gala Darling – Kate T // I n this digitally downloadable world, it’s nice to […]

third trimester

Pregnancy: On the home stretch

My belly has a new nickname crumb-catcher.  It seems like such a short time ago that I was sporting a small if not insignificant bump and now my new normal is not being able to see my feet and having to find new ways of doing normal things. Things like getting out of bed, putting my shoes […]