Getting out of a style rut

‘Are you free for a catch up?’

These were the words that filled me with excitement and dread when at 5 weeks with a newborn I had become accustomed to life within four walls.  The kitchen, lounge and laundry had become my local haunts and a trip out often just meant a trip to the clothesline.

Words cannot describe how amazing it felt to reconnect with the outside world and indulge in a full-blown coffee date.  With adults.  Baby-free.

That was the ‘excitement’ part but what about the ‘dread’?!

Put simply, it was the fear of getting back in the style game.  Of  reconnecting with my ‘good clothes’ again and feeling inspired by what I wore.

Pregnant or not, a style rut can strike at any time.  I wanted to share with you some hard and fast rules that I’ve learnt to regain that confident, feel-good feeling that comes when the clothes you’ve picked fit with the way you love to feel. 

How to break out of a post-pregnancy style R-U-T

1 / Stop wearing your maternity clothes – Even if they aren’t strictly maternity clothes per se.  If you wore them when you were pregnant, especially in those late to ‘waddling’ stages and you’re not wishing to reminisce, chances are you’ll still feel like you’re pregnant or haven’t moved on. See also 6 /.

2 / Treat yo’self – If you’re spending a lot more time at home (like me) invest in one or two quality ‘at home’ pieces.  It might be a pair of smart slouchy pants that you can style up or down.  I tend to save my good for good but now that’s just anytime I can get out of the house!

3 / Pick one inspired buy – As in, one pair of jeans in your dream size.  Be realistic and go for a size down from where you are unless of course you’re happy with where you are!  A good pair will make you feel fantastic plus the effort required to squeeeeze into them will make you feel like you’ve achieved the near impossible.  Currently eyeing up these.

4 /  The re-shuffle – Your ‘new normal‘ wardrobe should inspire you, feel relaxed and be practical. One of the cheapest ways to do this is to reassess which of your ‘for good‘ clothes can be dressed down.  Besides, a bit of ‘for good‘ with a bit of relaxed is always a great effortless combo.  If you’re wanting a full-blown overhaul then a wardrobe workout is in order.

5 / New hair – I’ve written about how good it feels to get your hair done and I recently indulged in a new cut and style not too long ago. One word.  Heaven.  Trust me, if you trust your hair stylist take all those Pinterest pics to him or her and collaborate.

6 / Preggo clothes be gone – Challenge yourself NOT to go for the frumpy top that lets you feed with a breeze.  This is a hard one because…practicality.  But think, what else have you got that has both form (style appeal) and function?  I find a relaxed shirt fills that gap.

7 / Plan it out – Sometimes just knowing that you have tomorrow’s look sorted today is a huge help, even if all you’ve done is visualised it. Alternatively, pass baby to hubby for 10 minutes and go check out your wardrobe.  Stuck for inspiration? Try my Pinterest trick.

If this has inspired you, even just a tiny bit then that is awesome.  Not least, because I’ll be following on from this with some more posts to help you break a style rut!


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  1. May 5, 2016 / 1:20 am

    Oh great to see you making your way back to stylin’ posts Erena! (But very smart of you to include your gorgeous wee love – because he’s SO adorable – and stylish too!)
    Just yesterday I had a hair makeover, after an intense wee Pinterest consultation, which involved balayage and layers and just utter freshness. When I woke up this morning I felt so GOOD! My whole game has been lifted up a notch! For mums a new do is a lovely bit of pampering (head massage, time out, coffee, magazines) that we surely deserve.
    As I read through your suggestions I also thought of soft ponchos. There are a few out there that would be perfect for both keeping mum warm in the coming months and snuggling a newborn under. I’m a huge supporter of breastfeeding and think mums should be utterly encouraged to breastfeed anywhere. But if a new mum was feeling shy about this in public a poncho is a perfect blanket tent that might just give her the comfort she needs without carrying an extra bit of kit. Enjoy your coffee catch-ups. x

  2. May 6, 2016 / 12:15 pm

    Lovely Louise, Thank you – It’s kind of hard not to include my wee love in my posts these days and heck sometimes he’s even a good sport about it!

    I love that you too, in consultation with Pinterest went and got a new do! So good right?! And an instant dose of feel-good factor! Bravo 🙂

    Soft ponchos, ah absolutely! And you’re so right they are everywhere this season. As a hide-in-a-dark-corner kind of breastfeeder this is a great solution not to mention an utterly stylish one. I just might have to add a number 8 ?! X

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