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love notes to self

Love note to self

In this day and age we are more connected than ever and yet it can be easy to get caught up in comparison and self doubt. My antidote to that is this, a reminder to celebrate all the things that make us unique yet equally special.   Embrace your quirks. As in, those random little things that make […]

Growing too fast

Growing too fast

  If you could just learn to walk you wouldn’t be so heavy. If you could just tell me what you wanted to eat I wouldn’t waste so much food. If you could just understand that I won’t take very long you might wait for me a bit longer. Sometimes, I catch myself wanting to speed up […]

Costa's first birthday in pictures (38)

Costa’s first birthday in pictures

L ast weekend we had a small celebration for Costa’s birthday. My thinking was if you can’t go a bit bananas for at least one birthday, when can you?! I also imagine that next year and in years to follow I’ll likely be competing with Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig or some other toddler favourite for decorative control so […]