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‘The defining moments’

Growing too fast

Growing too fast

  If you could just learn to walk you wouldn’t be so heavy. If you could just tell me what you wanted to eat I wouldn’t waste so much food. If you could just understand that I won’t take very long you might wait for me a bit longer. Sometimes, I catch myself wanting to speed up […]

9 months to 9 months +

Costa, 9 months on

I remember when someone first told me how 8 months was such a lovely age and I just smiled and nodded without ever really knowing why! It wasn’t until we closed in on 9 months (last week) that I felt like there was a shift. In fact for whatever reason 9 months felt (and still feels) like […]

To not doing it all and feeling better

To not doing it all and feeling better

Just do those dishes. Just write that email. Just do that thing that prevents you from doing what you should really be doing….resting, sleeping, recharging. At some point in my new Mum-ness I chose to put on an imaginary cape and call myself Superwoman. Pushing through twinges and the odd ache to grant myself permission to […]

This too shall pass

  L ife is just a series of moments and we are building moments together. Most I will love, some I will hate but I am building moments with you. Last night I could have found you trying. I could have seen your awakeness as a sign of frustration and your cries as an unhelpful […]

Crying over spilled milk

Crying over spilled milk

I  n both my pregnancies I chose not to read too many books or get swept up in a sea of opinions. Opinions about what a good mother should be and what a good mother should be able to do. I tried not to put too much pressure on myself but sometimes pressure creeps in […]

A day to remember: A birth story

A day to remember

I want to remember. That you were that small and that I was that strong. I want to remember that we were so young when you came along. I want to remember that there was so much love for you within that room. I want to remember the look on my face when I met you. “Could you […]

My son Costa

This little love

What can I say. Welcoming this little love into our world has been all-consuming, physically and emotionally, not to mention we moved house!   Tonight,  I wanted to (finally) steal a minute to share some moments and memories. Does he know I’m his Mum? He is still so new, so blind to the world and […]