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Baby Girl

This was found a few weeks ago on a laptop that I thought was broken. It is the only thing close to a diary entry I have ever written about losing Penny at this time 4 years ago. It was beautifully painful for me to read but not so painful that I couldn’t share. I admire my strength and perspective at that time because it helped me become who I am now; blessed in so many ways, resilient and always looking toward the light and it’s all because of you baby girl…

A playlist for Penny

A playlist for Penny

Almost without thinking, when Penny passed I started to create a collection of songs that in some way fit with her memory and the love I held and will always hold for her. Over time, they’ve helped me to cope, to hold on to the good and to let go of the pain and so maybe in some […]


The day my world stood still

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: The story I am about to share with you is my personal account of the day I lost my baby Penny and the days that followed.  Stillbirth is a tough and confronting experience and one that thankfully, most will never have to go through.  So if the subject makes you feel fearful or uneasy, that […]


Letting go

Regret, it’s a spiky old thing.  But I see it for what it is. I feel the emotion and I go with it be that crying, laughing or just taking a walk.  I breathe it in and out before finally letting go. There will always be a psychological pain point that blindsides you on a Monday. For me […]