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6 Trends I'm loving for winter feature image

6 trends I’m loving for Winter

I hope you had a good Easter weekend and for all those affected by the torrential weather over the last few weeks, my heart truly goes out to you. I wrote this before all the crazy weather came to be, around the time I realised that the Summer we’d had was as good as it was going to get. […]

breaking a style rut

Getting out of a style rut

‘Are you free for a catch up?’ These were the words that filled me with excitement and dread when at 5 weeks with a newborn I had become accustomed to life within four walls.  The kitchen, lounge and laundry had become my local haunts and a trip out often just meant a trip to the clothesline. Words cannot describe […]

Pregnant and stylish

The Bump: Must-Haves #1

Who says you can’t be both pregnant and stylish? Not I! My ethos for pregnancy fashion is to find pieces that are comfy yes, but that don’t feel like you’re compromising on style (until late in your third trimester, when just quietly, undies and t-shirts are a very real wardrobe option for me!). If you’re objective is comfort […]

How to mix prints well

How To: Mix prints the easy way

Are you the type of person who looks at someone wearing an interesting (yet stylish) combination of pieces and thinks to yourself: ‘Wow, I would have never thought to put that with that’  Then I plan to demystify the trick that is ‘mixing prints’. Why would you want to mix prints you might ask?  Well, how about […]

Styling work

Talk: The busy season

Some might call the months from here to Christmas the silly season and for me right now, I am very much experiencing my ‘silly time’. So, given that I am having withdrawals from not writing a post, I just wanted to write a short but sweet ‘Hey, I’m all good, I’m still here but work is busy […]