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breaking a style rut

Getting out of a style rut

‘Are you free for a catch up?’ These were the words that filled me with excitement and dread when at 5 weeks with a newborn I had become accustomed to life within four walls.  The kitchen, lounge and laundry had become my local haunts and a trip out often just meant a trip to the clothesline. Words cannot describe […]

How To: Ace the art of layering

Humour me for a second. If I gave you and 3 friends the same delicious cake to take home and decorate for my imaginary cake shop, how would I know which one was yours? What things would you add to your cake to help give it the kind of personality and flair that only you can? The concept of layering an outfit is […]

Weight loss for wardrobes

How To: Minimise your wardrobe

Does this sound familiar? You look at your wardrobe briefly because it’s too hard to handle this early in the morning and because staring at it gets you nowhere you end up settling on the closest thing that looks half decent, probably the same thing you wear everyday like Marge Simpson, throw that on and be done with it. My friend, your wardrobe […]