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Pregnant and stylish

The Bump: Must-Haves #1

Who says you can’t be both pregnant and stylish? Not I! My ethos for pregnancy fashion is to find pieces that are comfy yes, but that don’t feel like you’re compromising on style (until late in your third trimester, when just quietly, undies and t-shirts are a very real wardrobe option for me!). If you’re objective is comfort […]

Extend the life of your jeans while pregnant

The Bump: Wear jeans for longer

I was lucky enough to bump into Jordan from Portmans while I was looking for ‘stretchy’ summer alternatives, unbenownest to her I was also smuggling a seriously uncomfortable muffin-top under a long flowy sweater. It turned out that she too was pregnant and let me in on her secret for extending the life of your […]