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Costa’s room reveal

W  hat used to be a room all three of us shared, is now a space just for him. I could say that Costa had been patiently waiting to have this room for-like-ever but in truth he really wasn’t bothered, such is the beauty of having a 2 1/2  year old where empty boxes and kitchen […]


The Master Bedroom Makeover

I  f you’ve been following my posts for the last little while you might have seen some developments on the home front. You won’t have seen paint flying but I can assure you it was and you won’t have seen the ideas whirring but ohhh how they have been, since March of last year (and even before then). […]

DIY: Leather clothes rail

If you like everything where you can see it then you might like this DIY tutorial. This hanging clothes rail is minimal, stylish, practical and very affordable and while I’ve hung mine in the nursery, you could hang one just about anywhere! Without further ado, here is how I made mine: // To make you’ll […]

Mini Kitchen Makeover

Our Home: The Kitchen

T here is a saying that I love by William Morris which goes ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’. This year, this quote has been poignant for me.  I was and still am a bit of a collector of objects yet one of the first […]

Create DIY bolster cushions from scratch

DIY: Bolster cushions

I‘ve been noticing a lot of dreamy furniture with bolster cushions on my travels.  Namely couches, which is the inspiration for this how-to.  This DIY is dedicated to the keen crafters and closet sewers amongst you and is my mash-up of a few different methods I’ve adopted to get the look. I recommend you use the detailed instructions […]

Create cool prints at home for less

DIY: Cool prints at home for less

I don’t know about you but I love filling empty walls with interesting prints.  There are some amazing prints available to buy and when budget allows I’ll purchase them but sometimes there are more walls in my house than my purse strings can stretch to and so I have to think outside the square to fill them. Here […]

The Bathroom

Our Home: The Bathroom

Our old bathroom was straight out of the 1970’s… A beautiful collision of yellow formica and imitation marble which we lived with begrudgingly for 3 or 4 years. Late last year the old girl finally got a ‘new dress’ and this is what we came up with… Above is the W/C ahem toilet. Everything old […]

How to make a stylish cushion cover from a t-shirt

DIY: Tee-shirt cushions

Top Left: House of Holland, Sass & Bide, Coop, Thing Thing, Top Right: Kate Slyvester Time needed: 30 minutes – 1 hour per cushion You’ll Need: Sewing Machine (with zipper foot) Pins Iron Quick Unpick Chalk Tape measure T-shirt or Shirt (the process is the same – just keep the shirt buttoned before cutting) Iron […]