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This too shall pass

  L ife is just a series of moments and we are building moments together. Most I will love, some I will hate but I am building moments with you. Last night I could have found you trying. I could have seen your awakeness as a sign of frustration and your cries as an unhelpful […]


What life looks like at 33

33  years of living done, just like that.  Long and fleeting all at once. From the shy little thing that cried at sleepovers, to the bright, pimply teen who wasn’t sure of herself but tried to be, to the young women who cared only of chasing bright lights and big dreams, anywhere but here.  To the girl who […]


Somewhere only we know

  H aving a child in your belly is like knowing a secret friend.   I won’t say imaginary because they are oh so real but because you can’t see them and only you can truly feel them it’s like the two of you share a secret part of a life journey together, intrinsically linked. And no matter […]