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Costa's first birthday in pictures (38)

Costa’s first birthday in pictures

L ast weekend we had a small celebration for Costa’s birthday. My thinking was if you can’t go a bit bananas for at least one birthday, when can you?! I also imagine that next year and in years to follow I’ll likely be competing with Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig or some other toddler favourite for decorative control so […]

9 months to 9 months +

Costa, 9 months on

I remember when someone first told me how 8 months was such a lovely age and I just smiled and nodded without ever really knowing why! It wasn’t until we closed in on 9 months (last week) that I felt like there was a shift. In fact for whatever reason 9 months felt (and still feels) like […]

This too shall pass

  L ife is just a series of moments and we are building moments together. Most I will love, some I will hate but I am building moments with you. Last night I could have found you trying. I could have seen your awakeness as a sign of frustration and your cries as an unhelpful […]

A day to remember: A birth story

A day to remember

I want to remember. That you were that small and that I was that strong. I want to remember that we were so young when you came along. I want to remember that there was so much love for you within that room. I want to remember the look on my face when I met you. “Could you […]

My son Costa

This little love

What can I say. Welcoming this little love into our world has been all-consuming, physically and emotionally, not to mention we moved house!   Tonight,  I wanted to (finally) steal a minute to share some moments and memories. Does he know I’m his Mum? He is still so new, so blind to the world and […]

While I wait

She waits…

I can’t decide if at 38 weeks it feels like Christmas Eve or New Years Day. Should I be celebrating or should I feel reflective? I’m not sure. I guess I’m somewhere in-between but as there are so many feelings swimming around in my head at the moment, a little introspection feels good at a […]

Pregnancy thoughts at 34 weeks

On growing, changing and hoping

Perhaps the hardest thing about being heavily pregnant is not the sore back, swollen body or aches and twinges which are now very apparent. It feels weird to say this but these things feel nice or perhaps the right word rather is, reassuring.  Simply because they remind me of how lucky I am to be here […]