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A day to remember: A birth story

A day to remember

I want to remember. That you were that small and that I was that strong. I want to remember that we were so young when you came along. I want to remember that there was so much love for you within that room. I want to remember the look on my face when I met you. “Could you […]


Somewhere only we know

  H aving a child in your belly is like knowing a secret friend.   I won’t say imaginary because they are oh so real but because you can’t see them and only you can truly feel them it’s like the two of you share a secret part of a life journey together, intrinsically linked. And no matter […]

Pregnancy thoughts at 34 weeks

On growing, changing and hoping

Perhaps the hardest thing about being heavily pregnant is not the sore back, swollen body or aches and twinges which are now very apparent. It feels weird to say this but these things feel nice or perhaps the right word rather is, reassuring.  Simply because they remind me of how lucky I am to be here […]