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breaking a style rut

Getting out of a style rut

‘Are you free for a catch up?’ These were the words that filled me with excitement and dread when at 5 weeks with a newborn I had become accustomed to life within four walls.  The kitchen, lounge and laundry had become my local haunts and a trip out often just meant a trip to the clothesline. Words cannot describe […]

While I wait

She waits…

I can’t decide if at 38 weeks it feels like Christmas Eve or New Years Day. Should I be celebrating or should I feel reflective? I’m not sure. I guess I’m somewhere in-between but as there are so many feelings swimming around in my head at the moment, a little introspection feels good at a […]

here comes the sun-thoughts on my second pregnancy

Here comes the sun

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing two pink lines magically appear on a plastic stick. While I felt immense joy at first,  this time around it was also tinged with a shot of fear. In recent months while some people were probably playing the guessing game of will Erena try again and when, I spent […]