What are my floors?

They are painted concrete






Paint: Jetdry Heavy Duty Gloss by Berger 

Colour: White Award


While the look of a painted concrete floor can be sleek it has only been through frequent upkeep and improved maintenance that the love continues. 


Tips for application: 

Prep is an easy thing to skip but it makes all the difference in how your paint finish looks and lasts, especially on a floor. Ensure your base is clean, dry, clear of any old coatings and primed before you paint.


Tips for maintenance: 

Light colours will always show mess more clearly than dark so daily sweeping and spot cleans will stretch out the always needed mop days. Painted floors will wear in high traffic zones so recoats are likely needed at least once a year. 

My tips are personal opinions based on observations and things we've done to maintain our own painted floors.