{10 super simple ways} to style up a plain outfit

Yellow legs, not yellow legs. My ankles look strangely yellow but I can assure you they are their usual brand of pastey white!!

I m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret that everyone knows but everyone forgets all too often…you don’t need bags of stuff to have bags of style!

In fact, the basis of a wardrobe and on having great style hinges upon one crucial thing. The How.

In that…It’s not what you wear but how you wear it that makes ALL.THE.DIFFERENCE.

Often we convince ourselves that what we need is more when actually what we have is enough (or a blimin’ good start) and what we need is to do more with what we have.

It really is THAT simple.

And the more simple the tweak (and less time spent) the better right?!  I concur, so…

Here we go:

// OUTFIT 1 (Baggy jeans and a shirt)

1.  More height please – add a beaut heel!

Add extra height with a heel

Heels are an easy way to lift your look and indeed your whole vibe.  I don’t know about you but when I feel lifted I also feel more capable and that dear friends, exudes CONFIDENCE!

Any Tips? Wear a heel height that works for you! These are a nice middle-ground heel for Spring.


2. Put em’ up – as in, cuff the bottom of your jeans!

Add a beaut heel for height

No words other than, it is one of the easiest things you can do to reinvent your look and indeed your denim.

Any tips? Experiment with cuff sizes.  You’ll be surprised at how versatile both a wide cuff and thin cuff can be so don’t hold yourself to just one!


3. Cuff those sleeves – ‘Cuff and cuff again I say’ –


Deja-vu? (well yes and no)…Unlike cuffing the hem of a pant which looks best somewhat even and structured, cuffing the sleeves on a shirt looks better if they are in fact a little less done and more imperfect.

Why do it? It relaxes an otherwise prim and proper look and like any good style tweak it adds PERSONALITY, yours (if you like).


4. Open up the neckline – Show some skin in a stylish way

Open up the neckline

While the buttoned-up look has it’s place it can also look too reserved and a bit ‘closed-off’. Unbutton the first two buttons of a shirt (or the first few depending on what your comfort level is) for a fresh and relaxed look.


5. Pop the collar – Somewhere between relaxed and ‘strong’.

Pop the collar on your shirt

If this sounds confusing, I guess what I mean to say is, turn the collar up so that it feels pointed and strong to begin with and then let it fall (and soften) how it may, a bit like thisthis or this.

Why do it? An open neckline elongates the neck which for the most part is a very flattering thing and a slightly popped collar adds a bit of a James Dean-esque edge.


5. Add a slouchy layer – like a lightweight knit sweater

Add an oversized layer

This is of course completely optional but it is another easy way to combine all of the above elements in a stylish way while still keeping out the cold – perfect for this indecisive Spring weather.

Any tips? Scrunch up the sleeves of your sweater while letting the shirt stay visible.


6. Frame the look – Oversized sunglasses for the win!

oversized sunnies for the win

Aside from the fact that sunglasses hide tired-mum eyes really really well they are a great way to finish your look. I myself can’t go passed a cats-eye frame that is a tad oversized but to each their own.

Any tips? For longevity and wearability you can’t go passed the classics.

// OUTFIT 2 (Oversized top & jeans)

7. A little finery – A few well-chosen pieces of jewellery

Just add jewellery
a colourful-statement-earring

Simple yes, but so trans formative. Even if your style is more understated than showy, jewellery can still evoke that and even better, enhance that.

Any tips? Have every piece of jewellery in view and choose the piece or pieces that speak to you also known as ‘going with your current mood’ but please do go there! Earrings btw are Ore Design.

8. Roll up those sleeves – I’ve said it before and I’ll go there again, show some skin.

scrunch those sleeves

Because it’s nice to know that beneath all that fabric is a person with a really great bracelet (or something)!

Why do it? Rolling up the sleeves provides contrast, breaks up the bulk (of fabric) and draws the eye to an interesting detail.

alternatively you could always...


9. Side tuck or side tie – to create even more shape and intrigue 

Side tuck or knot an oversized top

Or in other words, show that you have a waist (and hips) and do it in a way that feels comfortable and creative. The side tuck and/or tie does just that without losing the slouch.

Any tips? Don’t overthink it. Tucking a top in is something we do effortlessly and without much thought and the best tucks are natural. Tuck, pull out some fabric and leave.


10. Drape your jacket – like its’ your own personal cape


Super easy to wear but not always practical if you have a lot of things to lug around (like a small child on your hip perhaps?) so maybe save this for a night-out or child-free occasion.

Why do it? It’s comfortable, warm, easy and it’s a far edgier alternative to a wrap or stole.


Isn’t it funny how the simplest things are sometimes so simple that we forget to do them (or realise that we are doing them but could be doing them better?) so I hope these tweaks have provided you with a bit of style inspiration for your day.

Thanks as always for tuning in 🙂

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