{4 small ways} to make a style statement

T hese days I am all about ‘low fuss, big impact’ style. Which put simply is sticking to good quality basics (i.e ‘the classics’ like a great dress or a good pair of jeans) and then zhooshing those up with a littleJe ne sais quoi.

This by the way, is a great way to cut down on your wardrobe ‘bulk’, assert your own unique point of difference and save yourself a bit of cash because it really is all about ‘werking‘ those accessories/accent items.

Also, good to try if you’re not ‘doing much‘ with your accessories at the mo:


1. Elevating the plainest of plain tops – A showstopping neckline 


After realising that all I had in my knicker drawer were old bras and maternity ones ?, I gave myself an intervention and said ‘Erena, life is too short to wear bad bras!’

So I scouted around, bought some new ones and fell a little bit in love with caged necklines.

I’m conscious of this style looking a bit hmmm [overtly sexy] on me so I found a couple of great compromises here that add an edgier look to otherwise plain clothes (also seen in main image).

Where I found mine: The top (pic 1) was an ASOS buy which is sadly no longer current but this could be something to try . Alternatively the bra I’m wearing (pic 2) and which I don’t mind the straps showing – under the ‘right thing’ is the Penny bra from Lonely (Clearly, I was also sold on the name too ? )


2. ‘No dangling candy canes and kitschy-ness here’ – A statement earring 


Gosh, I don’t don’t how long it’s been since I wore a ‘big’ earring (too long, me thinks) because I have fallen head over heels for the instant ‘Wow’ factor that they give.

If you would normally go for a necklace, grab an earring instead (relish the challenge!) For me it’s all about the dangly tribal-esque styles and pendant-like minimalist pieces of which, I’m picking will be big for Summer too.

Where I found mine: Costume jewellery can sometimes look a bit cheap and nasty, so I scrutinize the look and feel a lot before buying any. I came up trumps at Lovisa Pic 1 and 2 and Pic 3 is vintage (Pssst: raid your Mum’s 70’s and 90’s jewellery!)


3. ‘They make an outfit look so gosh-darn elegant/hip/cool’ – A beautiful hat


I love hats. I love the shape, the sun safety-ness of them but most of all I love what they bring to an outfit.

They offer a small investment with a big payoff (if you wear them regularly).

I also love that they don’t even need to match the colours of your outfit to look good (Bonus!). Having said this, if I can I’ll wear one thing (be it a bag, shoe or scarf) to connect the colours and help to unify the look.

Where I found mine: At the Vic Park markets in Melbourne (sorry!), but this is pretty close and this is pricey but pretty cool too.


4.Because orange-red is the new red’ – A statement red lip


I know, I know ‘But red is sooo done‘ I hear you say and you’d be right but…. there are ‘reds’ and then there are ‘REDS’.

Have you ever slightly altered the shade of your lippy (or side-parted your hair…) and thought ‘Wow, that makes such a big difference’! Well that’s the kind of impact I’m going for here and I am currently obsessed with showstopping orangey coral-y reds.

If you currently rock orange-red then go classic ‘blue-red’ or ‘pinky-red’.

Where I found mine: If I’m after an everyday vibrant orange-red that doesn’t contain any nasties I’ love Rymba Rhythm – by Karen Murrell (first pic) or for a powerhouse matte orange-red I also love Quite the Standout – by MAC (second pic). Also dying to try Harvest Moon by World Organics.


The above are all small ways to give your outfit a big lift. Even if what you’re wearing is a cool but casual tee and jeans combo, throw on some lippy (or earrings) and you’ll feel like your own unique style dial has been cranked up a notch.

Having done a big cull of my accessories lately my advice is this. Don’t go banana’s in one store and buy every scarf, hat, earring you can find. You’ll fall out of love with them quicker than your tea going cold. 

Put in the effort, take your time. Wander. Peruse…..and then choose.

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