{5 ways to be} Stylish while stuck at home

F or those days when getting dressed comes after feeds, changes, washing and dishes or quite frankly you just don’t want to get going…

Here are 5 things I’ve adopted into my life to feel more stylish while at home, that are pretty easy to implement:


1. The I know I’m still in my pj’s but don’t I look good?! PJ’s 

The Pajamas

I’ve had a pretty good excuse to be stuck in PJ’s longer than I’d like, but rolling out of bed in whatever old thing I happened to find get’s pretty sad pretty quick!

While an actual outfit will always be the best answer, investing in a really lovely pair of PJ’s makes that awkward dash to answer the front door waaay less embarrassing plus it just feels like a real treat to wear them.

Tip: Wear whatever equates to nice PJ’s for you, and spend whatever it is you feel comfortable spending just enjoy wearing them!

Where I found mine: For some unknown reason I have always wanted a set of white cotton PJ’s (yes, so impractical but so nice for spring/summer) and I found mine at J Crew Factory.


2. ‘Cos everything just looks cooler in’ – A Kimono Robe


What concealer is to blemishes a Kimono robe is to old t-shirts, bad sleepwear or just anything that needs to be hidden and fast (I’ve found).

I love clothes that can do double-duty and the Kimono is one of my faves.  It’s an incredibly chic alternative to a dressing gown yet it’s not strictly a night-time piece. In fact, it is the perfect alternative to a longline cardi and looks great over a tee and jeans.

Tip: By opting for a plain colour in a versatile fabric (like linen, crepe or cotton), it’s easy to wash and you’ll find it will work harder for you and your outfits.

Where I found mine: This beauty of a Kimono has spring/summer (for the next couple of years) written all over it. A timeless piece and worthwhile investment from Blackbird Goods.


3. ‘I know I’m in my PJ’s but at least I’m not wearing slippers’ – A good house shoe

House shoes

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of fluffy slippers but a few trips out to the clothesline can make them look less than impressive!

House shoes (or slip-ons) are the ultimate compromise. They’re essentially shoes that have the practicality of a slipper with the convenience of a quick trip down the road.

Tip: While they won’t be marked ‘house shoes’ in the shop ;-P they will subconsciously scream ‘I am comfortable, I slip on and off and I make kicking around home look oh soo goood‘.

Where I found mine: These were a comfy pair of leather slides/mules I scouted on Etsy.


4.Bad hair, don’t care‘ cos I’ve got A Turban (or hat/headscarf)


Once upon a time a flatmate of mine, who won’t be named likened my crazy hair to a werewolf (true story!). I wasn’t offended of course because sometimes, they were right.

Yep, sometimes my hair can get a little bit crazy so when I spotted this turban that doubles as a shower cap I saw an end to said crazy hair and a sleeker alternative to the old towel on the head!

Where I found mine: Top 3 by Design (Oz) but also seen in store at Redcurrent


5. Man I feel like a woman‘ (hella cheesy but true, thanks Shania) – The Eau de Parfum

Dolce Vita - The Perfume

Sometimes a spritz of supermarket spray just won’t cut the mustard (and I don’t actually do that anymore, no really!) because only the best smells give the best feel good vibes.

Whether I’m in my PJ’s, in my trackies or looking on point I spritz my favourite perfume.

Tip: Please don’t wait for an amazing occasion to wear your best perfume (you may be waiting forever) and if you’re worried about falling out of love with your favourite(s) just do what I do and rotate between a couple.

What I use: I have a few but if I had a signature scent it would (still) be Dolce Vita by Christian Dior.

Also, on the hunt for some lovely ‘natural’ perfumes so leave a comment if you know of any 🙂


And there you have it, I hope you enjoyed the tips and yes, I’ve said this before but I am actually ready and rearing to bring you more style posts (along with the life ones of course) so stay tuned.

**Also: Not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing what I genuinely know and like.

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