A new year full of possibilities

I am still enjoying the sunshine and sand at Ohope Beach, ah bliss! The tummy is expanding with every delicious mouthful of my mum’s cooking (sorry Mum, but it might actually be a good thing that in a few days I won’t have all this foody temptation at my fingertips)! The skirt that you see me wearing on my most recent Friday look is probably one of my all time favourites this Summer. I happened upon it at Mirrou Slyvia Park while I was looking for an injection of cheap and cheerful pieces to add to my Summer wardrobe. I am actually not a skirt person, let alone a clingy skirt person, but this skirt has made me a believer. It flatters every bump and curve and is a comfort to wear. Whether you are pregnant or not this would be THE piece I recommend you hunt down, yep, it really is that good! I’ll be back in the game from Monday so the outfits, ideas and posts will be flowing and I can’t wait!