A song for Costa

An untold tale I wrote when Costa was just 2 (and a bit) months old, similar in age to when this pic was taken.

I have resorted to singing lullabies.

It’s true. I’ll do just about anything to get the little guy to dream a little dream.

You see, one night I started singing Adele which to my surprise he seemed to like. Only the problem once I realised that he did was that A: I was singing an Adele song (as in, next level difficult) and B: I only knew the chorus. It dawned on me that while I was busy styling his room I should have been brushing up on my lullaby history!

In fact there are very few songs I know all the words to. I’m the type of gal who hums or lip syncs my way through the parts I don’t know hoping to go undetected.

Embarrassingly most of the songs I know in length are from days of slumber parties and elastics, when making up dance moves was a thing and my days in the special choir were also a thing, (yes you read that right). But I digress. My memory has taken a beating and it is only now while typing this that the more obvious twinkle twinkle, and baa baa black sheep should have come to mind…but they didn’t and so as to not disappoint the little cherub I tracked back to the only songs I could sing in full, relatively on key and without stopping.

One was in Japanese. As bizarre as it sounds that song has always stayed with me long after my attempts at learning the language failed. So, I sang that (pondered whether or not by singing it it might encourage him to learn a language) and then I pondered whether it was appropriate to sing Regulators, No Diggity or the Fresh Prince theme song (probably not, I thought) before finally settling on a much softer ballad, Never Ever by the All Saints.

I of course sang all of the parts.

I can’t be sure that my singing really did appeal to him or whether I had just read way too far into his encouraging smile. Needless to say it was late, I was tired and clearly it got a rise out of him so I’m just going to run with it.

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