Autumn room reveal & my tips for shopping in-store, on style and without going too crazy!

N  ot gonna lie. Right now I am at that point in pregnancy where I have an epic to-do list of rooms to finish but the temptation to sleep (for all the nights that I won’t be able to) is at an all-time high! …

There are only a few things that will pull me back into the makeover game right now, one of those is divine inspirationa. Usually something cool I’ve found/bought that essentially ‘gives me life’ and ideas OR b. the lure of the finish line as in that euphoric feeling you get when you can finally “live your best life” in a room you’ve slaved over from start to finish – yasss!

So, who knows, maybe Adairs had been picking up what I was putting down but when they asked me to collaborate on a ‘style up my space’ challenge using products I liked from their new Autumn sale range, buttons a and b were well and truly pushed.

The collab: 

So who are Adairs you might ask? I discovered this iconic Australian homewares brand way back in late 2016 when they first opened at Sylvia Park (they’ve since opened 4 more stores here) and I’ve been using their products on many a photo shoot (and personally in my home) ever since. Collaborating with them on this felt like a good fit and if something feels right then it feels good to go with it, plus any excuse to head in-store and find inspiration/motivation that I can then pass on to you right?!

The space I chose to ‘style’:

As most of you know, I have many spaces that are a work in progress but I had been dragging the chain on one in particular, our little indoor/outdoor nook (as shown below in its original state). In a perfect world it would have been made fit for entertaining well before Summer but alas it wasn’t and even still just because the days are getting shorter and cooler doesn’t mean we can’t extend those cosy Autumn-indoors vibes, to our outdoor spaces too.


M y   A u t u m n   o u t d o o r  r o o m  r e v e a l 


A d a i r s

PLUS: My process for shopping in-store, on style and without going too crazy!


1.  Have a game plan but be open to change  Allow yourself room to deviate and have an idea of how many things you need (and your max spend). Also before you head in-store, check out whats online too but be open to finding something else if it’s not available.

For those of you who get sidetracked easily I also like to take pics of my space or inspiration pieces along with me to help me visualise/focus/colour match. Oh and ever the geek, I usually have a measuring tape in my car/handbag…anyone else? 😉


My brain before I went shopping… liked the look of these pieces (above) but I was open to change too

2. Do your best shopping at the right time! The Adairs autumn sale is an incredibly good time to buy and whats more I was able to use my linen lovers discount on top of the sale price… that wee card has already paid for itself in savings! (virtual fist pumps all round!)

3. Know your colour palette but strive for ‘interesting’ There will always be an ‘it’ colour of the season but if that ‘it’ colour isn’t for you, take inspiration in other ways.  For instance Adairs have so many beautiful merlot, teal and berry tones in for Autumn which while I love aren’t enough to pull me away from my signature earthy Autumn neutrals.

While you might think these tones are boring it’s who I am and I choose to make the best of it by letting my seasonal faves of olive green, mustard and cream sing through tone, texture and layering…. cue throws, tassel cushions and wood grain.

Find inspiration in unexpected places. This Euro pillow is part of the Hamilton Quilt Set but I like the idea of it as a throw pillow more!

Above L-R: Hamilton Quilt cushion | Malmo cushion | Piper throw | Aries cushion

4. Think ‘beautiful, practical’ But can those two words really co-exist?! Ahh, yeaah! I love finding things that look good but serve many purposes because this means that I am going to get more bang for my buck and have versatility beyond one season. A rug for instance can be moved from room to room. Layer it underneath or over another or mount it on a wall like so.


Natural diamond rug | found in store at Adairs The Base and this is also cool

5. Every room needs a hero or three Since my spaces are fairly neutral I tend to have at least one or two hero pieces in the room. Something for the eye to land on and cling to. They don’t have to be large, but small pieces are just as effective too. This lamp for instance, is small but intriguing and very ‘me’. Plus, you can easily switch out your hero pieces when you feel like a change.

Lamp | found in store at Adairs The Base but I love this too

6. Marry the old with the new Take a mental note of the pieces you have at home that you’d like to use in your space. This will help to create less confusion when you’re stuck umming and ahhing over one or two things in store. It might even help you solidify your ideas plus a little old never hurt a little new, I reckon it completely elevates it!

I gave an old painting a new life with an A1 frame and careful placement

A1 pine frame | found in store at Adairs Sylvia Park

7. So you can’t have it all ay? Well then, improvise  Improvisation is more than just ‘making do’ it is I believe, where your creativity lies. How else would we learn how to expand our thinking? Budgets don’t stretch on forever and we can’t take the whole shop home, so instead take the elements you like and use your creativity to create a similar vibe at your place.

I was blown away by the impressive range of artificial house plants and pots at Adairs but my budget meant I couldn’t go nuts, I’ve also been pretty good at keeping plants alive lately! So I upcycled some pots that I already had and used my own plants to add a touch of greenery.

Plant inspiration can be found here

8. Wingmates can be a great voice of reason Talk it out… take someone shopping with you who can be your level head when yours can’t behave. I’m one of those people who when I’m talking to someone (usually trying to justify a purchase) I make good decisions in having that back-and-forth banter. I liken it to having someone there who is not necessarily trying to tell you what to do but who feeds you questions that will help you make sense of your actions and hopefully reaffirm your ideas.

Outdoor nook – After

Outdoor room reveal ft. Adairs - after

Somewhat weirdly, I seem to have no pictures of the bench seat close up (from before) so there is no fancy slide left/right reveal this time but I think you can see the transformation is much better now than before.

Our goal is to get some side sheets attached to enclose this area more fully for Winter but right now, we are in love with this space and how peaceful and inviting it is and can look forward to some cosy Autumn nights and weekends snuggled up in here.

A special thank you to Adairs for allowing me to style my space with your Autumn pieces and for giving me some much needed inspiration when my energy is at an all time low! If you’d like to style up your own space, then do make the Autumn sale (either online or in-store) your first stop for inspo.

I will be sharing a mini walk through of this space on my IG stories as well as some DIY tips that I think might be useful but as per usual, if you have any questions or comments, let me know down below or on my IG or FB pages.

Til next time!

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This post was made in collaboration with Adairs to celebrate their Autumn collection and sale. Please know that all opinions, choices and makeovers are 100% genuine and my own work. When I choose to collaborate with a brand I use my own intuition to ensure it is a good fit for me and more importantly is something that I think you’ll enjoy/find useful too.

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