Celebrating the little things

Mother’s Day for me meant celebrating the little things and while crying was certainly the order of the day I chose to look out for little reminders that maybe just maybe my babe was sending some love my way.

Little thing #Number one

On visiting the lovely garden for little lost ones we were immediately met by a lone Monarch butterfly which swooped and danced around us while we watched.  We hadn’t seen a Monarch in weeks given the cold weather so in my head I thought hello my girl.

Little thing #Number two

Where once lay a much loved but unmarked grave now shone a beautiful chrome plaque putting a name to the place we now call Penny’s. We knew it was coming but that was a nice surprise right when we needed it.

Little thing #Number three

While indulging in some Mothers Day retail therapy Joe called out “listen” and the song that was playing in the changing room was You’ll be in my heart otherwise known as that awesome tune from Disney’s Tarzan but more affectionately known to us as Penny’s Song.

I nearly lost it after that but still, three little things for me to cherish and I’m claiming all three.

So amidst the tear-stained cheeks and sadness at least half of those salty drops were filled with love and light.

Thanks Pen, we hoped you’d show us some love this Mothers Day and you didn’t disappoint.

Here’s hoping all you Mum’s out there had a beautiful day filled with lovely little things from your nearest and dearest. [red_box]

This bond between us Can’t be broken I will be here Don’t you cry

Cause you’ll be in my heart Yes, you’ll be in my heart From this day on Now and forever more

Lyrics from You’ll Be In My Heart by the legendary Phil Collins [/red_box]

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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