Costa, 9 months on

I remember when someone first told me how 8 months was such a lovely age and I just smiled and nodded without ever really knowing why!

It wasn’t until we closed in on 9 months (last week) that I felt like there was a shift. In fact for whatever reason 9 months felt (and still feels) like such a milestone.

Suddenly things feel easier and I say easy with the biggest grain of salt flung over my shoulder.

I only mean easier in the sense that Costa has found freedom to a degree. He’s unencumbered by a lot of the things that used to hold him back and frustrate him like his inability to sound things out and his lack of movement.

He has now found his stride, commando-ing at speed across the room. His tiny fingers can now grasp small objects with relative ease and he can be in the moment, or at least comprehend what is happening around him.

He has settled in to himself and he feels absolutely at home and protected in our family. I would like to think this is because he knows where he is, who we are to him and that he is loved, immensely. That reassurance has helped him express more of himself I think. Like his disinterest in a toy or thing, his dislike for a taste or sound and his immense pleasure and delight for the things he loves most of all. Upside down nuzzles, tummy tickles, messy play, Ziggy (his favourite of our two dogs) and interaction in all its forms.

He craves stimulation and engagement but now he realises that he is just as capable at amusing himself and getting where he needs to be.

He is fascinated by texture and of how something sounds. He is most relaxed outdoors and he just loves the water. He is incredibly determined and active and yet he can be very shy and guarded at times too.

Perhaps the greatest love of all (for me) is the look that he gives me. The all-knowing ‘that’s my Mum‘ look. It’s the look that I feel I’ve been waiting 9 months just to see. Where he doesn’t just guess it, but with a big smile and often arms outstretched, he knows with absolute certainty, that I am his and he is mine.

Costa at 9 months plus

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