Costa’s first birthday in pictures

L ast weekend we had a small celebration for Costa’s birthday.

My thinking was if you can’t go a bit bananas for at least one birthday, when can you?! I also imagine that next year and in years to follow I’ll likely be competing with Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig or some other toddler favourite for decorative control so somewhat unashamedly this was my time to shine.

Also, unlike my usual posts I’m not going to write my way through this one instead I’m going to let a few of these pictures do the talking and at the end I’ll make mention of a few key people/places for those who may be interested.

Photos captured by Audrey Fitzjohn

Costa’s 1st birthday in pictures

Costa's first birthday in pictures (1)
Costa's first birthday in pictures (13)
Costa's first birthday in pictures (5i)
Costa's first birthday in pictures (33)
Costa's first birthday in pictures (31)

And there it was, a special day frozen forever in pictures, thanks Audrey.


For those interested in all things food and decorations here are a few special mentions:

The food (sweets and savouries): I have Ash, owner of  Gather Foodhouse to thank for the beautiful array of savouries (buffered with some store-bought flowers, fruits and crackers) and of course sweet treats. We truly can’t speak any more highly of her talent and if you’re looking for a delicious bite to eat in Hamilton you’ve got to try this place.

The cake: was by Spongedrop Cakery. Dani’s reputation for great cakes is next level so I was pretty keen to get her to create one for Costa’s birthday. The flavour for those interested, was Banoffee with a caramel drizzle. It was a crowd favourite.

The cake topper: was by an Etsy maker I stumbled upon called CommunicakeIt

The bunting flags: I have Trade Me searching to thank for tracking down Madelaines. The clothing either side is what a tiny wee Costa wore once upon a time for nostalgia.

Paper plates and cutlery: from my local Looksharp Store

Balloon poodles: A bit of background, Costa is fascinated by two things: dogs and anything hanging so I morphed my love of balloon animals with his interests. Did I make these, haha no! (plus no time) instead I found Riska Faces and the rest is what you see.

Punch bowls: Here’s looking at you Kmart

The letter balloons: These letters are so popular and at the time I searched online in NZ there were no O’s or E’s available (note to self: be more organised) so I had to hunt further afield and found some on Ebay.

Little black and white photos: I took my significant backlog of phone images to Warehouse Stationery and waalah

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