DIY: Hand draw letters like a pro

I have a habit of moving things around in my house.  So when I was left with a big white wall in the dining room I felt compelled to do something. Write.

After sifting through a dozen quotes by Maya Angelou (which by the way is an incredibly uplifting thing to do) I finally opted for a shorter more succinct message.

Carpe Diem or in other words Seize the day.

Now to write letters on a large scale like a pro…

You’ll need:

  1. An OHP (overhead projector)

  2. OHP transparency paper

Step 1.

Find a quote or message that you’d like to apply on a large scale.  I like to search ‘inspirational quotes’ in Google or Pinterest.

Step 2.

In Picmonkey select ‘design’ and ‘custom’ then type in 2480 x 3560 (these are the pixel dimensions for an A4 page in portrait.  Reverse them for landscape).  Then choose a font and arrange your font on the page.  When you have found a font that you like, you’ll need to position this on the page as large as you can get it.  Once happy with your masterpiece, hit save.

Step 3.

Print your image onto OHP paper.

Step 4.

Position your OHP on a table in front of the wall you are writing on.  Place your printed OHP image onto the projector and adjust the settings until you have the quote reflecting onto the wall as you’d like it.

Step 5.

Take a pencil, chalk or non-permanent marker and trace the outline of the letters.

Step 6.

Once you have the complete outline on the wall decide how you might fill in the lettering.  Some of the things that crossed my mind were gold leaf, glitter, metallic paint, marker pen and coloured chalk.  I like the imperfectness of watercolour paints so I chose to try them.

Step 7.


This is where your steady hand comes into play.   Gently begin to fill in the lettering. It helps, I find, to use a few different sized brushes to help you stay within the lines.

Step 8. A little while later and you’re done


Getting the right wash of colour is tricky with watercolours and this is something I need to practice.  But overall the wall looks a lot more interesting then it did before.

I think I might add to this with a few other sayings and snippets from song lyrics and to give guests something to ponder while they’re having a cuppa!

Either way, I will update you on any changes I make and how I did them 🙂

I hope this was helpful!

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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