DIY: Leather clothes rail

If you like everything where you can see it then you might like this DIY tutorial.

This hanging clothes rail is minimal, stylish, practical and very affordable and while I’ve hung mine in the nursery, you could hang one just about anywhere!

Without further ado, here is how I made mine:


To make you’ll need:

  1. Scissors

  2. Hammer

  3. Chopping board or similar (to avoid puncturing your table)

  4. Nail

  5. Marker pen

  6. Thick thread (thicker than sewing thread) and a needle.  You could also use screws or metal snaps but I liked thread because it is super simple!

  7. Wooden rail. I purchased mine from David’s Emporium for $2.90. (I think it’s a broom handle?)

  8. Leather straps. I purchased one length of leather strap from Lapco for about $25 – $30

Hanging Wardrobe rail DIY

1.) Cut your leather in half  with scissors.  Fold the end to accommodate the thickness of your pole and mark four points.  (This is where your fastener/thread will go).


2.) Take a nail and puncture the 4 holes with a hammer.  The holes will need to penetrate both sides so that your needle and thread can pass through easily. P.S Be careful and do one set of four holes at a time. 


3.) Fold your leather so that both sets of holes are aligned.  Take your needle and thread and join the dots.  I did side to side diagonally;  one side at a time to form a cross pattern.  It’s just like sewing on an imaginary button!


4.) Once completed, tie off your thread and you should have joined the ends firmly, leaving room for the pole.  Complete steps 3 and 4 with the other strap.


5.) Now, take your pole and carefully slide each end through the loops in your strap, like so.


6.)  Hang somewhere sturdy and hidden.  We fastened the hanging rail to our existing window sill with metal screws but how you secure yours will depend on where you are hanging it.

Here are a few pics of the finished rail.

Wooden hanging clothes rack


P.S As always, take care when using tools at home and play it safe.

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