DIY: Makeover a set of drawers

Nothing kicks that A into G like the wriggle of a baby in your belly and I am in full-on nesting mode.

The hubs’ and I have been squatting in a sub-par master bedroom since we bought our house nearly 4 years ago! so it’s time for a restyle and this is my first makeover.  Drawers for all those smalls.

I purchased this unloved set of mid-century style drawers for $100 on Trade Me, rough and ready to go.



Step 1: Take your sander and sand away (wear a dust mask and clear excess dust once done.)

Drawer makeover by Erena Te Paa

Step 2: Choose your varnish or paint and mark out what areas are to be coated. (Painters tape is great for stopping spills and keeping lines straight).

Drawer Makeover by Erena Te Paa

Step 3: Once marked, apply a couple of coats of paint (use a good roller and paint before varnishing).

Drawer Makeover by Erena Te Paa

Step 4: Leave to dry and then apply your final coat of varnish and you’re done.

Drawer Makeover by Erena Te Paa

Potential.  Don’t underestimate it.  You can create something really amazing and priceless by thinking creatively and putting in a little effort.

Note:  If trying this remember it’s at your own risk, so please be sensible, careful and exercise safety first always people!

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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