DIY: Painted side tables

The restyling continues this week in the master bedroom with a simple revamp that anyone can do at home.

I personally have to have a table of some kind next to my bed to hold books, magazines and a notepad for those lightbulb moments at 2am on a Tuesday!

I found a pair of yellow side tables on Trade Me for $60 and though I wasn’t digging the yellow I knew an easy way to change their colour.


Step 1:  Give your tables a light sand or if they are made of a non-porous material like metal you could apply a coat of ESP.  Allow time to dry and wipe down any excess dust then head to a well-ventilated and sheltered area (outside is good and I recommend using a dust mask).

Painted side tables 1

Step 2: Take your spray paint, mine is a black satin by Dulux, well shaken, and with newspaper down to protect the ground, gently spray in a slow but steady side to side, or up and down motion (practice on another object first if you’re unsure).  

Keep the spray consistent and not too close to the object so as to avoid paint splatter.

Step 3: Allow the first coat to dry before applying a second coat.  Finally apply a clear coat of polyurethane or similar to preserve the colour, allow to dry and you’re done.

Painted side table Erena Te Paa

Hello new side tables!  There is nothing to stop you from repeating the process when you tire of the colour.  I love to reuse, reinvent and restyle objects as much as possible so no doubt these will one day see a fresh paint job, but for now I love them like this.

Note:  If trying this remember it’s at your own risk, so please be careful and exercise safety first always people!

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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