DIY: Tee-shirt cushions

Time needed: 30 minutes – 1 hour per cushion

You’ll Need:

  1. Sewing Machine (with zipper foot)

  2. Pins

  3. Iron

  4. Quick Unpick

  5. Chalk

  6. Tape measure

  7. T-shirt or Shirt (the process is the same – just keep the shirt buttoned before cutting)

  8. Iron on Interfacing

  9. Zipper (I used a 35cm length)

  10. Cushion filling

  1. Lay out your T-shirt flat and cut into two even sized square pieces

  2. Take your iron-on

    Create t-shirt cushions from scratch
    interfacing, cut two pieces to match and iron to the underside of each t-shirt square

  3. Take your two squares and pin along the side you want your zipper opening to be

  4. Sew along this seam with a straight wide stitch. The seam should be about 1.5 – 2 cm wide

  5. Iron open the seam you’ve sewn and pin your zipper along each side of the seam

  6. Sew along the sides of the zip using your zipper foot taking pins out as you go

  7. Once done, revert back to your plain sewing foot and sew a 1 – 2 cm wide seam along the two sides that adjoin the zipper opening (use a normal width straight stitch)

  8. Now three sides should be secure.  Turn your cushion cover inside-out and with your quick unpick – unpick the seam where the zipper is (this should reveal the zipper).  Unzip the zipper and turn the cushion back inside-out

  9. Sew along the final opening like you did in Step 7

  10. Optional: Cut excess fabric off each corner of your cushion (don’t cut the stitching or it will unravel)

  11. Turn the cushion the right way entering the side where the zipper is open.

  12. Fill the cushion cover with your choice of filling or cushion inner.

  13. Walaah, you’re done!

And there you have it – T-shirt cushions made by yours truly and maybe hopefully you

Create t-shirt cushions from scratch
ll take up the challenge and make your own versions they’re open to interpretation.

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