DIY: Transform your pendant lights

My dining room lights were purchased at a time when multi-strand pendants were a little less available then they are now.  True to form I wanted to reinvent mine in a way that made them appear a little less available and a lot more original.

And so with $20 in my hot little hands I toddled off to one of the most fascinating places I know…

transform pendant lights

An emporium.

Be warned.  Stare too long in an emporium and you’ll walk out of there with a paw shaped rug, jandals and a roll of fishing wire hypothetically speaking.

Luckily I found what I needed.


1 x 200 m roll of coloured cord ($10)

1 x hot glue gun


transform your pendant lights

Now it’s probably a good time for me to say please keep your lights switched off at all times!

With glue gun in hand, fasten one end of your cord to the part of the light that you’d like to transform and begin to wind tightly.


And wind and wind and wind some more.


There is a high chance that you’ll need to glue your cord in several places on the light to ensure it doesn’t unravel and that’s okay.

There is also a high chance that your hands will get tired and you’ll go through several cups of tea wishing you were somewhere else, anywhere else and that too is okay.


Slow and steady is the name of the game here but the outcome is incredibly incredibly rewarding.

Several hours from now you’ll stand back, look up and think…




If you’re taking on a ten stranded monster like mine please pace yourself, string a light at a time if you like but don’t sacrifice presentation for speed.

Have fun!

Some people like to knit and I like to string lights apparently.

So tell me, are you going to give this a go too?

Erena Te Paa Stylist