Face: How I do my brows (Vid)

Eyebrows, just how important are they?

If you asked my 15 year old self she’d probably say not very…

One boring night, 2 stray hairs and Mum’s sharp tweezers ended in what could only be described as an eyebrow plucking frenzy.  Over the years, people have complimented me on my brows which is nice but now I feel it fitting to fill in the gaps for you, both figuratively and literally.

So this video shows you what I do to fill in the brows that I have:

I am not a makeup artist nor am I changing careers.  This is merely what works for me (as a reformed eyebrow criminal). 


My eyebrow products: 1.  Natio Brow Kit (Light/Med) 2. Angled Eyebrow Brush 3. Art Deco Eyebrow Gel. I bought all of these from Farmers but if you have favourite brands by all means seek them out, just whatever works for you. Alternatively type each of these into Google and you should be able to find a stockist.

Before you pick up those weapons (tweezers), I suggest you seek wise council from a brow specialist and/or buy a good brow kit first.

As luck would have it, thicker brows have been the new black for quite some time (try years).  So may the eyebrow force be with you because it sure as heck wasn’t with me in 1998.

Erena Te Paa Stylist