Face: Simple make-up in 5 (Vid)

I am lucky to know a couple of make-up artists who are unbelievably clever at their craft.  And while I prefer to leave make-up tips to the pros (like them), I thought I might share with you my go-to routine for simple, light make-up in 5 minutes (or thereabouts).

I don’t often wear make-up at home but if ever I have to head out I like to apply my make-up simply. With the overall objective being a minimal and natural look.

If this is of interest, click on the video below to view.  P.s.  I apologise now for the close-up, flared nostrils and weird faces I pull during this video and I strongly urge you not to maximise the screen unless you’d like an eyeful!

L & H (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 4.0

The products I use to cleanse/moisturise (not shown):

  1. Rose Cleanser // Janesce (morning and to remove makeup)

  2. Nourishing skin reviver // Janesce

  3. Suncare Lotion // Janesce

My light and simple make-up routine (shown):

  1. Skin Illuminator // Nude by Nature – alternatively I’ll use Beauty Flash Balm // Clarins

  2. Concealer in Medium // Nude by Nature – if I want more coverage I’ll also use BB Cream at this point // Rimmell 3-in-1

  3. Mineral loose powder in Medium // Nude by Nature (by the way, it looks like I am using next to none in the video, I just didn’t want to spill it but I use a fair amount just FYI!)

  4. Powder brush // Nude by Nature

  5. Brow Kit in Medium // Natio

  6. Angled eyebrow brush // Farmers

  7. Brow Gel // Art Deco

  8. Bronzing Powder // Natio – I use as blush or I will use blush itself

  9. Brush // Natio

  10. Million Volume Lashes // L’oreal

  11. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip cream // Farmers (this is just a balm but I do alternate with lippy or gloss)

  12. I love having cotton tips (buds) on standby to gently tidy up mascara drops or light touch-ups. They are very handy.

All the above products I purchased at Farmers with the exception of Janesce products.  NZ stockists for Janesce can be found here.

Looking at the list above, it doesn’t seem simple but this is actually a routine I’ve managed to get down to a cool 5 minutes…

Erena Te Paa Stylist