Feather touch brows: The sequel (Part II)

W hile this isn’t a movie the word ‘sequel’ seemed like a fitting way to wrap up the story of my feather touch brows in a short and satisfying (at least for me), finale.

If you are completely lost right now, best to start here.

Otherwise, read on (or just skip to the results like I know you want to!)


The Retouch Session The Retouch session is just that. Designed to help ‘fill in the blanks’ of the first visit or go over any areas where the colour (or strokes) may have ‘dropped’ (which by the way is normal).

“I could have quite happily walked off into the sunset with my brows after the first visit but given Montana (brow extraordinaire) was based in Melbourne and that touch-ups were a part of my package, going back was a no-brainer and we decided to make a family trip of it!”

How did it go? The process was exactly the same as last time only without the need to talk designs. Instead Montana examined the strokes more clearly under her bright light before going over any areas where the colour had ‘dropped’.

The scratching feeling of the strokes was just as ‘scratchy’ as before but just like the last time it was sore but also bearable.

The retouch session was over fairly quickly and I was once again wowed by the results.

Straight After When I returned to the apartment with my brows on fleek my husband and I both agreed that they weren’t as ‘intense’ as last time, which helped because we had a couple more days of exploring and of me making eye contact ahead of us.

On day 2 there was a little more redness and a bit more of an ‘angry bird‘ vibe to my brows than the day before and in more than one shop I stopped short of wanting to explain to everyone who looked at me that ‘Truly, it’s okay, I’ve just had my brows done‘. I’m sure no one cared but you knooow!

That darn healing phase Or should that be the ‘waiting for the scabs to come and then go phase’ because just like last time, those scabs came back with a vengeance.

This of course is just my bodies way of healing but I reserved the urge to itch, and just tried to act like I was totally handling my scabby brow situation (for about 10 days). I even went away for work with my scabby brows at their worst ( I wonder if people noticed me standing an arms length away ?).

Best things about the retouch session:

  1. It was quick and hassle-free.

  2. The colour retention was a lot stronger (helped by the first visit).

  3. I knew the drill. I knew what was involved, how they darkened then scabbed, then softened… and because of this I didn’t have that first-timer’s ‘freak out factor’.

  4. Even though I was happy after one visit, I now appreciate the difference a second touch-up makes. 

And….The results

It has been about 4 weeks (oh who am I kidding, possibly longer) since my retouch session. My new Mum brain can’t compute at this time of night but all in all I am so happy with the final result.

(Healed) After visit 1 vs. after touch-up (no makeup)


How they were to begin with vs. now (no brow powder):


And closer still…


NOTE: The ‘before’ image is taken from a screenshot so the lighting and quality isn’t the best (and the colour of my brows appears lighter – they aren’t). I wished I had taken a good ‘before’ pic but I didn’t so this is the best I could find to show the difference in shape and fullness.

Key differences:

  1. My brows are more full, clearly defined and the arch isn’t so harsh and I still feel like me (just with better brows).

  2. The end result is a more filled out brow with a really natural finish.

  3. I don’t need to fill in my brows anymore (but I still can if I really want too)

How I feel about my brows now 

Have you had your brows done, or are you thinking about it? Even though I am no expert on brow tattoos and everyone’s experience will be (and look) different I hope you found this helpful. 

*Also, not a sponsored post, just me (putting myself out there) and sharing my eyebrows ?

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