Giveaway: Re-home my style #2

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It’s back! This is my second round of a segment I like to call Re-home My Style.

In short, I have a few things listed below that I own that are in new, as new or very good condition that I love but just have no place for (or I already own a copy of i.e. books).  So I thought why not see if my social media peeps are interested in having first ‘dibs’? (P.S they are free!).

For the sake of fairness I am treating this like a giveaway (entry form is below) but it really is a very simple concept.  If there is something that you’d like to have, show your interest by filling out the form further below and if your name is drawn, that item could be yours (I’ll send it out to you in NZ free)…

In a nutshell:

  1. This is a free giveaway.  That I’m running (just me).

  2. This is a new giveaway so if you entered the last one, you can definitely enter this one!

  3. This is just for my NZ-based social media fans (FB, Insta).  (For postage reasons!)

  4. One submission (entry) per person.

  5. The only way you can enter is to fill out the entry form below.

  6. You have from today until 9pm Sunday February 28th 2016 (NZ time to submit your choice)

  7. One name (winner) for each item will be drawn at random but in order for an item to be included in the giveaway – there has to be at least two submissions otherwise it just wouldn’t be random.

  8. You can select all 7 items if you want but your name can only be picked as a winner once (fair’s fair!)

  9. All the Rules are further below so read them (and try not to fall asleep) before hitting submit.

Have a look through and see if you could give any of these a forever home…

NB: The colour of items may vary slightly due to everyone’s monitor being different.

Forest Cantina cookbook

A: My Garden Kitchen by Unna Burch (aka The Forest Cantina) P.S She’s awesome! Beautiful recipe book (I already have a copy) so this is spare and in excellent condition.

Set of 3 trinket dishes Kikki K

B. Set of 3 x small dishes for holding tiny trinkets.  White with gold patterns as shown.  Unused as were props.  Originally from Kikki K.  Will come wrapped but unboxed. Each dish is approx 9cm wide by 4cm deep.

Coffee Mug Gold Kikki K

C. Coffee mug and diamond shaped small ring dish.  White with gold diamond emblem.  Unused as were props.  Originally from Kikki K.  Will come wrapped but unboxed. (Dish is approx 9cm long at longest point and 9cm wide at widest point)


D. Chelsea Winter – (Book Two of her three releases).  In excellent condition and a fabulous book for every recipe shelf.  I already have a copy so this a spare.


E. Houndstooth Coat in black and white from Cue.  I love this, tags say 10 but it is bigger than a 10 in normal NZ sizing so more like an NZ 12.  Tags still on so in great condition.  Note, this jacket has strong shoulders, with padding.  I was going to get the size altered but it would be a shame to do that when someone can enjoy it this Winter. 45cm across shoulders (approx) x 90cm long (top of collar to bottom).  Fabric from Europe.  Made in Australia.


F. Le Sac En Papier.  ‘The paper bag from Paris’.  For details head here.  Originally purchased from For Keeps.  I had this preserved in a picture frame so it is in as new condition.  French translation on reverse side (if you prefer).  I’ll leave it up to the new owner to use as a bag for storage or whichever way you desire!


G. Last but not least, a fun print. The Pitucos Zebra Art Print A4 (210mm x 297mm approx).  Printed on 200g archival print paper.  Originally purchased from Etsy.  In good condition.  Note: The back side of print has slight markings i.e from removing tape but this doesn’t affect the look of the actual print in any way.

So, does anything take your fancy for giveaway #2?  If so, fill out the entry form below

Spring PJ giveaway

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The nature of this giveaway is very innocent and is actually a way for me to give all my online fans first ‘dibs’ on some styley items I own, in a fair way but for the sake of ensuring that there are specific guidelines (and to avoid any confusion) the fine print is below (So many words! I know right?):

Official Rules of Entry for my Re-home My Style Giveaway #2: No purchase is necessary for entry. Submissions will only be accepted from eligible entrants as outlined below.  See *Who is eligible for entry. Submissions open on Friday 26 February 2016 (NZ time) and close on Sunday 28th February 2016 at 9 pm NZ time. One entry per person (but one person can select more than one item per entry). All eligible submissions will be drawn at random at the conclusion of the giveaway. Winners will be notified by 5 pm Monday 29th February 2016 unless there is difficulty in finding them (or I go into labour!!). Winners will have 24 hours to contact me and claim their item once notified. If a winner cannot be found or does not make contact in time or does not wish to claim their item, another eligible submission will be drawn at random and contacted under the same conditions. This may reoccur until the item is claimed or failing that, until entries for that item run out. A list of winners will be acknowledged (by first name only) in this blog post on completion of the giveaway. There is to be only one prize per winner. All eligible entrants will be given one entry per item selected unless their name is drawn as a winner (in which case it will be removed from winning further items) or all prizes have been drawn and claimed. Items will only be given away if there are at least two eligible submissions per item (to keep the draw random). If there is no interest in an item (or no-one has selected the item in the form), this item will not be part of the giveaway.

*Who is eligible for entry: The giveaway is a fun gesture for all NZ fans of my social media pages and as such entry is only open to current fans of my Facebook Page ( and Instagram account (@erenatepaa) but it is not linked to or part of Facebook or Instagram or any other entity. Entrants must currently live in New Zealand and have a current physical residential address to post to in New Zealand. Submissions will only be eligible if they meet the above criteria and successfully complete and submit the form above.

Detail of items in this giveaway: All items are pre-owned and in as new, unused or very good condition. No items are able to be exchanged for cash or refunded by me or any other party. A. The Forest Cantina. Pre-owned by me and in excellent condition (see Item A.) B. Set of 3 small trinket dishes. Brand new and boxed. Pre-owned and originally purchased from Nood (see Item B.) C. Coffee mug and small ‘diamond shaped’ ring dish. Pre-owned and in excellent condition originally from Kikki K. (see Item C.) D. Chelsea Winter in pre-loved vintage condition. Originally purchased from Remains To Be Scene. (see Item D.) E. Le en Sac Papier Bag. Originally purchased from Kikki K. (see Item E.) F. Cue Houndstooth Coat. (See item F.) G. Print. (See item G.)

Nature of items and  transfer of items: Upon submission, all entrants accept that all items displayed are offered on a pre-owned basis and as per the conditions stated in this post. Once the item is sent and received by you, the item and it’s use is therefore the responsibility and risk of the winner/new owner.

Sending of items: Items will be wrapped carefully and sent at my cost via tracked NZ post to the winners from Tuesday 1st March 2016 unless arranged otherwise with the individual winner. While every care has been taken to describe the item and every care will be taken in sending the item to the winner, I take no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur in transit or once the item leaves my care. However I would ask that anyone who wishes to contact me for this reason may do so by emailing me at (I’d like to think of myself as a fair and reasonable person!).

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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