Giveaway terms and conditions

By pressing submit on any of the giveaways on my blog you are also agreeing to the rules of this giveaway as outlined below (yawn!):


Even though this is just a giveaway – no strings attached, for the sake of ensuring that there are specific guidelines (and to avoid any confusion) the fine print is below:

Official Rules of Entry for all Giveaway on No purchase is necessary for entry. Submissions will only be accepted from eligible entrants as outlined below.  See *Who is eligible for entry. Submissions close on the day and time specified in the giveaway. One entry per person (but one person can select more than one item per entry). All eligible submissions will be drawn at random at the conclusion of the giveaway. Winners will be notified 24-48 hours after the close of the draw, unless there is difficulty in finding them. Winners will have 24 hours to contact me and claim their item once notified. If a winner cannot be found or does not make contact in time or does not wish to claim their item, another eligible submission will be drawn at random and contacted under the same conditions. This may reoccur until the item is claimed or failing that, until entries for that item run out. A list of winners will be acknowledged (by first name only) in the same blog post on completion of the giveaway. There is to be only one prize per winner. All eligible entrants will be given one entry per item selected unless their name is drawn as a winner (in which case it will be removed from winning further items) or all prizes have been drawn and claimed. Items will only be given away if there are at least two eligible submissions per item (to keep the draw random). If there is no interest in an item (or no-one has selected the item in the form), this item will not be part of the giveaway.

*Who is eligible for entry: The giveaway is a fun gesture for all NZ/Aus fans of my social media pages. Submissions will only be eligible if they meet the above criteria and successfully complete and submit the form.

Detail of items in this giveaway: 2 pairs of JCrew Factory PJ’s (1 per person, 2 winners). No items are able to be exchanged for cash or refunded by me or any other party.

Nature of items and  transfer of items: Once the item is sent and received by you, the item and it’s use is therefore the responsibility and risk of the winner/new owner.

Sending of items: Items will be wrapped carefully and sent at my cost via post to the winners address. While every care has been taken to describe the item and every care will be taken in sending the item to the winner, I take no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur in transit or once the item leaves my care. However I would ask that anyone who wishes to contact me for this reason may do so by emailing me at (I’d like to think of myself as a fair and reasonable person!).

Happy with these rules? Go ahead and submit your entry!!