Hair: My go-to wavy hair (Vid)

When you want a hair style that feels slightly messy but a lot more stylish then the ‘do ‘ you woke up with, then you may want to give this look a go.

It’s my ‘go-to’ when I want a loose wave that doesn’t look too frizzy yet is just the right kind of look for when you have somewhere nice to be.

Click on the video below for my how-to tutorial

L & H (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 4.0

Note:  I am not a hairstylist but this is what works for me so I wanted to share with you (but of course!).  Having said that, my hair is naturally thick and curly so I don’t use a lot of product to begin with but if your hair is the opposite than you may want to seek out someone who can point you in the direction of a good curl or volumising product to use in conjunction.

The products I’m using:

  1. GHD straighteners (my old faithfuls) – if you have straight hair you may not need to use these

  2. Curling tongs (19mm barrel Vidal Sassoon – an old gift that I’ve come to use often)

  3. Hair spray – Schwarzkopf Ultimate Styling Spray (from Farmers)

  4. Hair pins, hair ties and brush

Instructions (use in conjunction with the video above):

  1. Start with ‘I just woke up like this hair‘ which if you’re me (or my husband waking up next to me), is never a good sight to behold!

  2. Straighten.  I use GHD’s but really any straightener will do as the resulting hair doesn’t need to be poker straight.

  3. Once all hair is straightened, take your curling tong and with small strands of hair at a time (starting with the back and working forward and up to the fringe) wind the hair around the tong.  I start from about half way along the length of the hair so as not to get too tight a curl.  P.S  You may want to use additional hair product to help form and secure the curl.  My hair holds a curl without extra product other than hair spray but use what works for you.

  4. It’s important that the hair is lying flat against the tong.  Hold for 10 seconds or so, then release.  Secure the curl with hairspray.  Repeat the process with the rest of your hair.

  5. When you have a full head of curls, you might feel a little like Goldilocks which is not what we’re after so you’ll need to ‘tousle‘.

  6. Gently run your fingers through the curls, combing them out softly but retaining the curl as you go.  You only want to loosen the curl so that it resembles a loose wave.  I like to spray the ends and scrunch the hair while tousling it, to ensure the curl holds firm.

  7. Remember: A curl will soften naturally (sometimes greatly) after an hour or so, so to retain the curl use product.  Hairspray works wonders for holding my curl for a long period of time but word of caution, you may need additional product if you have fine hair.

Additional pointers:

When curling the fringe, only keep your hair on the iron for a few seconds or you may end up with a really tight curly fringe that is hard to shape.

If your hair is already straight you may not need to straighten (lucky you!)

I don’t use hair product beforehand so if you have fine or straight hair or the kind of hair that doesn’t hold a curl very well than you may want to prep your hair beforehand with a curling product.

Do you have a go-to hairstyle that works for you?  Or, if you’re going to give this a go, let me know how you get on and add any additional tips and tricks you learnt along the way!

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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