How I find hidden gems on Trade Me (part II)

This mirror is my latest Trade Me find, the seller is mentioned below.

H mmm so where were we? That’s right, I was prattling on about my love of Trade Me which isn’t a new thing to most people who know me but what is new and what you might find helpful is how I shop it!  See here for Part I.

And below is Part Two….


My tips and tricks for finding hidden gems on Trade Me Part II 

F A V E   T M   S E L L E R S

(in no particular order ;-))


A real treasure trove. You never know what you’ll find here but more often than not there are a few beaut pieces.


This trader is Wellington-based so if it’s furniture you’re after get your quote sorted first before decidimg to buy. Try payload, Mainfreight or I also like to check out empty trucks .


Don’t let the name fool you! I have found more than a few cool things under this sellers listings.


If you haven’t heard of Mr Bambery yet then prepare to feast your eyes on Mid Century wares and other design classics. On the pricier side of the spectrum but with ‘iconic’ pieces in such great condition, it does feel justified (and they sometimes list items for $1 reserve!!)


I bought a funky 50s office chair here, whats more they have a pretty great bricks-and-mortar store that you can peruse on New North Road (Auckland).


I found the coolest breakfast tray and a pair of bedside lamps here and often check back to see what else might come up…


A favourite! I love the aesthetic of the pieces this seller lists. Natural, sustainable and carefully chosen. Also reasonably priced (especially when you take into consideration the fact that you didn’t have to scout for it).


While I haven’t purchased anything here yet and buy most of my clothing offline and in store, I stumbled across this seller and really liked their bio . There seems to be a clear sense of simplicity in their wares which appear to be reasonably priced and simple.


If you love cane bags as much as I do then you’ll love this trader who also happens to have a website with even more cane bag goodness!!


Christchurch-based but North Islanders don’t let that stop you as there are plenty of knick knacks and decorative objects with a vintage bent – for posting.


For the most part, this trader sells mod retro clothing which I don’t generally buy much of, but every so often they’ll list some pretty rad vintage head/neck scarves.


Last but not least, welcome_back lists clothing (sometimes brand name and designer or retro) but I’m only really hoping to find great accessories, namely belts and clutches.


Now, if you are a seasoned op-shopper or gem finder than chances are you may know how to find your own gems at a much cheaper price then on Trade Me and if so, awesome! I am partial to a good vintage shopping mission myself but failing that, where else can you scour the whole of New Zealand from your living room and come up trumps?

And that is all I can offer you for now… 


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you found the tips helpful and if you entered the giveaway best of luck!

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