How I met your father

For Penny, wherever you are…

From the moment I laid eyes on him….at the Outback Inn.  Hair swept back with a headband like David Beckham in the 90s serving drinks like Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Okay that last bit was a bit over embellished but he was cool, I liked him.

I liked him despite the fact that on our first date, he asked me to the movies (Kill Bill) and then made me buy my own ticket and popcorn.  And I loved him even more because conveniently he still can’t remember this and wishes I wouldn’t remind him.

When your father and I started going out my flatmate said to me, “I could see you married to him” and my first thought was ‘married to that guy Joe, ah don’t be stupid’.  I thought that was just about the most ridiculous scenario I could think of at the time.

I mean, I was going to take on the world and leave little old Hamilton in my wake, oh silly, selfish 20 year old brain!

If you believe in star signs then I guess you could say that we were star-crossed lovers. That sounds romantic but it’s really just a cool way of saying that we weren’t meant to be together, astrologically speaking.

He’s an Aquarius and I’m a Taurus.  He’s stubborn and I’m even more stubborn.

But a lot of my good friends and favourite ex-bosses are Aquarian’s too, so astrology can take a walk.

When I was younger and would educate myself on love matches in Cleo magazine or some other (holy) teen bible I would take them very seriously, look over at your Dad playing too many video games or getting embarrassingly drunk at parties and worry about our future. There’s that silly human emotion again worrying.

I even cried when we first moved in together.  While I was squeezing my clothes into his wardrobe no less and probably because I saw a Dragon Ball Z shirt in there and hoped he wouldn’t wear it. But really, I suppose I was just scared.

In fact we nearly fell apart at the start before cleverly deciding that we should see where this could go.

As the years roll on your Dad is becoming more and more follicley challenged.  Okay he’s going bald.

But I couldn’t care less. Instead I make a point of telling him everyday that he’s handsome, not because I should but because to me he is, he’s my best mate and I want him to know that he means the world to me as often as I can because he does and I thank the lord everyday for letting our stars cross.

I still have a list of celebrity babes in my head that I sometimes daydream about but that’s okay as I’m sure he probably does as well.

But they can’t add up to the sum of all his parts (let me rephrase that) I just mean, I know your Dad like the back of my hand and still, I love everything about him.

After all, he did give me you


Photo credit: Danelle Bohane

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