How To: Choose a great necklace

We all know that wearing a necklace can be a great addition to an outfit, but it’s incredibly easy to say:

  1.  A. Oh I’ll wear one next time (I can’t be bothered)

  2. B. I only wear some things with a necklace (Force of habit)

  3. C. I don’t know if this looks/feels right (Too hard basket)

Just so you know, I’m a serial A and B-er!

While I don’t think you need to wear a necklace everyday (bugger that), some things including the plainest of the plain look A-MA-ZING with one on.

In a world where a lot of crappy things can happen a little bit of feel good is A-OK in my book.

And that is what putting a great outfit together (necklace included) does.  It makes me feel real gooood.

So without further ado:

This is how I bring my necklace A-game to the table:

1. A beaded necklace with an embellished top

Necklace on a heavily embellished top

2. A vibrant tassel necklace with a high contrast colour

Vibrant necklace over high contrast top

3. A statement making ‘bling’ necklace with a chunky knit sweater

wear a necklace better

4. A simple harness-style necklace with a plain t-shirt

wear a necklace better

5. A waterfall necklace with a turtleneck sweater

better ways to wear a necklace

6. A bib-style necklace with a buttoned-up blouse

better way to wear a necklace

My tips for styling a necklace better:

  1. More can be more (in a good way).  A busy top can sometimes look amazing with a simple but well-blended statement necklace like in example one.

  2. Near enough is good enough.  When it comes to colour matching don’t be too concerned if your necklace isn’t exactly the same colour as your top. If it blends well or contrasts well then you’re fine.

  3. Don’t think that a necklace just has to sit on the skin.  Necklaces look incredibly striking when sitting against a backdrop of solid colour (i.e. a blouse, tee shirt or turtleneck)

My tips for choosing a good necklace:

  1. A two-toned necklace will blend with more outfits.  E.g The necklace I’m wearing with the red sweater is two-toned.  Up close the beads look golden but when paired with certain things (like that top) it looks pewter.

  2. Choose a necklace with a bit of weight to it so that it will sit flush against your skin e.g. a bib-style, choker style. This won’t annoy you as much to wear.

  3. If you don’t like the harness-style necklace (or like to keep things simple) have at least one simple lariat-style necklace in black, silver, gold, and/or coloured. These will go with virtually anything and not feel cumbersome on.

  4. Aim to have at least one or two statement necklaces.  One ideally would be plain but have a lot going on, like the bib-style necklace above, the other could be more vibrant like the tassel necklace I’m wearing.  You won’t wear these everyday but you’ll be glad you have the option.

  5. Fit and feel is everything.  If it looks cool but feels too clunky on, chances are it’s a waste of money because you won’t enjoy wearing it.


Improving your style isn’t about one-upping each other or saying who wore it better cos who has time for that!

Instead the way I see it is that there is a very good chance that I bought my top from the same place you did (or you could) and because I’d like to think I’m my own brand of unique (as are you) I’m going to bring a little bit of my own flair to the table.

So enter one of my good flair friends, the necklace…

I hope this was some kind of helpful  🙂

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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