How To: Minimise your wardrobe

Does this sound familiar?

You look at your wardrobe briefly because it’s too hard to handle this early in the morning and because staring at it gets you nowhere you end up settling on the closest thing that looks half decent, probably the same thing you wear everyday like Marge Simpson, throw that on and be done with it.

My friend, your wardrobe is owning you when in fact it should be the other way around.

Think of your wardrobe as a space that you rent and anything that you pay for needs to give you an excellent return on your investment or why even go there right?

From those mismatched socks to that little black dress that is so dusty you don’t even know if it’s meant to be black or some kind of grey, if it’s not serving you it is costing you big time.

Yes I am a stylist by trade but I too am guilty so so guilty.

In fact my wardrobe only needs to look at a piece of clothing and it gains weight like how did that get there?!

So, if you thought you were the only one with a weighty wardrobe problem, think again.

Thankfully I believe that if you put in the effort good things will happen so I have come up with a wardrobe weight loss plan just for your wardrobe.

It’s what I use to get mine in the best shape of its life or until it decides to let itself go again!


1. Get your mind right and mood ready

Make a date with your wardrobe.  Pick a time and day when you know that you won’t be interrupted by anyone for at least two hours.

If you’re into meditation good for you and if music is your thing like it is mine than formulate a playlist of your favourite motivational tracks.

If you are a fan of retro try this yes I am cheesy like that.  Alternatively, if you have Spotify search Songs to sing in the shower and go for your life.

2. In the Zone

With soundtrack blaring, prepare four zones on the floor or on your bed.  These zones represent what you will do with the clothes being removed from your wardrobe.

  1. Zone 1: Sell

  2. Zone 2: Donate

  3. Zone 3: Repair or Replace

  4. Zone 4: Undecided (as in this item might have potential)

3. Cross or Fit 

Meaning does it stay or does it go.  Remember if you can’t see everything hanging in your wardrobe then it might as well not exist.

So work your way through your wardrobe and assess each piece on its merits.  Look at each item and ask yourself honestly

  1. When did I wear this last?

  2. Do I look and feel really good in it?

  3. Is it in great condition?

  4. How many of these same things do I have already?

  5. If this wasn’t in my wardrobe would I really miss it?

If any of your answers sounded like No, Not really, I can’t remember, Probably not, I don’t know, Too many or I don’t think so than remove them and put them into one of the four zones mentioned in Step 2.  Any positive answers mean that item stays in your wardrobe.

4. The Cool Down

  1. DO Pat yourself on the back for getting through this

  2. DO Take your donate pile to a clothing bin or secondhand centre pronto!

  3. DO Take your sell pile to a recycled labels store if you know you don’t have the time or patience to list it online

  4. DO Take your repairs to your local dressmaker or a lovely and willing friend that sews

  5. DO Pay that friend in cookies and chocolate sure but be fair.  If it’s a BIG job then show them the money!

  6. DON’T Donate broken or tattered clothing to anyone. Recycle them or turn them into things you can re-use like cleaning cloths

5. The Emergency Stash

If you are feeling like you went a bit too hard with your wardrobe weight loss-ercise then you can employ The Emergency Stash method.

For anything you placed in the undecided zone I want you to place them in a box, mark that box Emergency Stash and hide it somewhere you can’t see it but can find it!

You can take one or two things out if you really must but for anything still in that box after 3 months consider it gone and without looking through it, seal it and donate it to your nearest clothing bin or secondhand charity shop.


If your wardrobe isn’t looking lighter and full of promise by now then change the playlist and repeat steps 2 through 5!  If on the other hand it is looking fantastic I congratulate you on your efforts.  You are a star!

If you’re worried that your wardrobe has lost a little too much weight don’t panic.  I’ll be following this up with a post on what to do next.

Til then,

Erena Te Paa Stylist

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