How To: Start a capsule wardrobe #2

As I type in the sweltering heat that is Hamilton spare a thought for my burgeoning belly. I am 31 weeks and not quite in ‘waddle’ mode yet although some days I think people must think that,

I know I do.

Nothing puts your wardrobe in perspective than pregnancy and summer heat. Suddenly all the options you thought you had no longer appeal or fit but you still want to look good.

So, I have come up with a great solution that requires one afternoon of thought and a week filled with easy, stylish wardrobe options.

I’m talking about the capsule wardrobe, the essentials. Like that amazing dress that you can wear 10 ways, a capsule wardrobe is a condensed select few items that can be rotated each day to reveal a new outfit.

I plan on creating a capsule at the start of every week (on a Sunday or Monday) and these options will serve as my inspiration for the week.

and what’s more I challenge you to do it with me.

Here is this week’s capsule wardrobe:

Capsule Wardrobe January


I know what you’re thinking but that is the beauty of a capsule.

So, here we have:

TOP 1 // Olive green tee from Witchery

TOP 2 // Black crepe singlet top from Glassons

BOTTOM 1 // Print shorts from Crossroads

BOTTOM 2 // Print 3/4 pants from Crossroads

BOTTOM 3 // Black 3/4 pants from KMart (not shown here)

DRESS // Crochet caramel dress from Merric

SANDALS 1 // Caramel snakeskin from Farmers

SANDALS 2 // Ipanema style jandals from Nova


I’ll document what I wore at the end of the week so that you can see and appreciate the versatility and just plain common sense that is the capsule wardrobe

Now, who’s game to give the capsule wardrobe a go?

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