I was saving this for good but…

In another life I think I could have been one of those women who wrapped her couch in plastic until the Queen showed up.

From the good towels to the good linen and even the good hand soap.  I used to have the ‘saving it for good’ mentality down to a fine art.

For instance I love Ecoya products but they are not what I would call an every week kind of buy.  So if I bought them or something similar I’d stick them in a cupboard earmarked for when guests come to stay (and/or I wanted to look flash).

I don’t know how I came to develop this squirrel-like behaviour but the concept still makes me laugh.  We use the $4 hand soap on the weekly but when guests come I break out the good stuff?!  It’s a bit like drinking the ‘normal’ wine during the week while the top shelf stuff sits gathering dust until we have something to celebrate.

But hello, isn’t life worth celebrating?  Like congratulations buddy you just made it through another day, salutè!

Do I care if someone comes to my place looks at my soap and thinks ‘hey, that hand soap is just like mine, $4 from Countdown?’  No, but I would probably say that you have great taste!

Seize the day.  Tomorrow isn’t promised to you.

I could get hit by a car or keel over in the supermarket and then what.  I’d be up in heaven and super annoyed that I didn’t just use all the good stuff!

Maybe I’ll write  a ‘worst case scenario’ letter to my husband that reads ‘Joe, here is a map to the good stuff cabinet’ please use these items liberally and distribute amongst our friends.

But tell them that they can only have them if they start using them TODAY!

Erena Te Paa Stylist