Makeover: The Office

S o what shall we call this space and more importantly what is it?

Normally when you buy a home you have a fair idea of what each room will be but when we first encountered this space we really had no idea what to do with it except well..ignore it.

You’ll see what I mean when you get to the before photo but it was an unfortunate eye-sore. Housed directly off the dining room by a ranch slider, it was a lean-to of sorts, covered in clearlite corrugate and yet for all the effort of there being walls (albeit see-through ones) there might as well have been nada because this hut/shack/box (thiiing) was COOOLD!

The agent suggested that once upon a time the room housed a spa bath which sounded equal parts hilarious and luxurious and for a split-second I might’ve even pictured myself blissed-out in one but with my dinner guests looking on, I thought against it!

And so, like all places that you have no idea what to do with it became an ‘anything room’.   Somewhere to put the things that had nowhere else to go and for almost a year it did that job, the job of ‘merely existing’ very well.

Then Summer rolled around, our newborn was an almost one-year old and I don’t know whether it was the panic of having a small get-together planned or the fact that this room needed ‘ to get a life’ but blind panic became a brilliant reason to convince the hubby and father-in-law that bumping it up the list of to-do’s was in fact, a great idea.

Two weeks out from Costa’s birthday the room with no name had new walls, great light and a new yet temporary purpose, to serve cake (it rained on his birthday you see) and then later as in 4 months and as of 4 days ago, it finally embodied it’s true purpose.

….A space to create.

Welcome to the Office

Featuring table lamp from Ebay, $4 vase and my pride and joy art work by Bobby Clark

I always thought my ‘boob’ vase by Wundaire would look great in the office! The infinity calendar helping this Mama remember what day it is, is by Shelley Down . The desk was built with a combination of ply and HPL ply top by my hubby and my father-in-law. The triangle-shaped trestle legs are a bit different but they also hide things, like the big black box of a hard drive!

The three vases are Trade Me finds which I painted. The floor is painted Resene Parchment and reminds me of a sandy beach and while I’d normally go Resene Black White on the walls, the light in here meant that an even brighter white was needed, Resene Double Alabaster was the winner. The chair was spotted on Trade Me but purchased via Retro Addiction in Auckland. I had it recovered in a microfibre velvet (meaning easy clean) by Jannine of Nene’s Upholstery here in Hamilton. Pendant light is the Sinnerlig light from Ikea (found on Ebay).

The stump stool was spotted on Trade Me but purchased in store via Studio Black also in Auckland.

The woven poufs are a bit of fun for Costa who coincidentally has already tried them out and loves them. They were found at Bed Bath & Beyond – the Super Store. The cabinet was a secondhand Ikea number found on Trade Me and reworked. Scroll down for the before and after. The mirror was a Trade Me find as was the vase.

A sucker for punishment, I sewed some more full height curtains because…grandeur (and high-pitched roof)  Olive tree and massive pot from ol mate Trade Me.

The beautiful Toi Toi was sourced from The Flower Crate and the Sophoria was very kindly sent to me by Laura Jeffares Hair and Flower Artisan.


I love a good rug beneath my feet while working and this rug was a textural cream beauty on sale from Spotlight. 

Before/After – Cabinet

Before-cabinet makeover for the office - erena te paa

After-cabinet makeover for the office - erena te paa

Before cabinet makeover for the office - erena te paa After

It’s amazing what new handles sourced from Auburn Woodturning and a lick of Resene Half Parchment can do huh?

Before/After – Main room

Before-office makeover before and after

After-office makeover before and after

Before office makeover before and after After

In the last couple of years and since having Costa, I find that I crave fewer things but better things and by better I don’t necessarily mean pricier, sure some things perhaps are but I just mean pieces that for whatever reason feel timelessly special and consequently will bring me a lot of joy for a longer time (forever, I hope).

As for where to from here? I turn my attention to the room that adjoins this one. It is the room we’ll no doubt spend most of our time ‘lounging around’ in and as such I need to take a little time to figure it out, but I like this feeling of getting things done (I can’t be revealing rooms forever you know!) so you can expect the next reveal will arrive sooner rather than later.

Have a good night!

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