New Baby: First trimester – What I wore and what I craved

I have come to realise that reading Google when you are pregnant really isn’t a helpful gauge as to what is ‘your kind of normal’ in pregnancy. Everyone is different and nothing is gospel but for anyone who is interested in what my first trimester looked like and what I craved I’ll break it down for you

Erena Te Paa First trimester - what I wore
Erena Te Paa First trimester - what I wore
Erena Te Paa First trimester - what I wore

From weeks 6 to 9 I was very much still in the twilight zone and coming around to the fact that I was actually pregnant. I was still getting to grips with what it all meant so it wasn’t until week 9 that I became aware of the food that I was craving and how I was feeling.

Fairly early on, I went right off hot drinks and I am an avid tea drinker so that was a little weird, I also really disliked chicken even though that was a staple in our house. I did take quite a liking to mince and red meat as well as fresh fruit and veges which was nice. I’m not an unhealthy eater by any means but it was nice to want to snack on fruit instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, actually chocolate was something I really wasn’t that interested in which again was a surprise as I have a very sweet tooth.

As far as weird food cravings go, I was quite obsessed with Pineapple Fruju’s for some time and bananas (still like bananas!). I am also thankful for still being able to have hard cheeses because I do seem to sprinkle cheese on most things which is pretty naughty.

From weeks 9 to 16 was when I felt extremely tired. It was really quite debilitating because my mind was plotting but I could only get in a couple of hours of proactive work before wanting to take a long nap. When I look back now it’s easy to forget how tired I was but I was always napping, but hey your body is making a person so you need to listen to what it wants and if you can, have a sit down and take a moment to rest even if its just for a few minutes.

For some reason I never experienced morning sickness, I don’t know why but I was waiting for it to happen. I’m thankful that I missed out on that symptom but I still got bouts of nauseousness and the odd dizzy spell. Perhaps the strangest symptom I still get is blocked ears, yes very odd and really annoying when you’re talking to people but can’t tell if you’re shouting or whispering. I used to think that was my body’s way of saying I need to drink more water but the only thing that makes it go away is to lie down so there we go.

but as far as outfits went in the first trimester I was able to wear everything I normally would. My tummy hadn’t expanded a great deal at that point so the outfits above were some of the things I wore comfortably. My tummy has protruded a lot more now and jeans are nearly off the menu unless I want to buy more but I’m not that keen to do this given that Summer is coming so I’ll be breaking out the dresses soon enough and I have a wee trick that I’m using to extend the life of my jeans.

My food cravings have changed now that I’m into my second trimester (24th week) so I’ll write a second trimester post very soon as it is almost like a complete 180 food-wise so stay tuned for more pregnancy updates and the gender reveal! 🙂

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