New Baby: Second trimester cravings and gender revelations

So if the first trimester was awash with surprise, anxiety and severe tiredness the second trimester has been a welcome excitement of finding out the gender, a properly formed bump and a return to familiar cravings oh and bigger boobs

Second trimester cravings
Second trimester gender discovery
second trimester new bras

In my previous post on the first trimester I felt so many things like yay I’m pregnant, ahh what does that mean and OMG how tired do I feel! There were some quirky cravings thrown in, mostly positive urges for fruit (bananas), pineapples and absolutely NO to chicken. And while I was feeling all of this I didn’t have much of a bump to show off which I was kind of perplexed about but the second trimester has been a positive experience so far.


Praise the lord I am back to enjoying chicken and am quite obsessed with Thai green curries. Also, pleased to have reconnected with chocolate my dear friend and have been slowly but surely enjoying drinking tea again (the decaf builders tea kind). I still have an incredibly sweet tooth but have been subbing out processed sugars for natural sugar i.e. fruit and am loving that strawberries are juicy and ripe. For the most part, my cravings have been a welcome return to pre-pregnancy urges.

He’s a good guy that man o’ mine

My hubby is a true champion in general so he has taken to meeting my crazy pregnancy demands and mood swings like a duck to water. In the first trimester I found it hard to justify my absolute need to have something off the wall because to the outside world I looked like someone who wasn’t expecting anything but it has to be said when you are pregnant and you have a craving, well that desire is just insatiable (at least for me).

“I remember years ago, an old boss of mine had recalled absolutely desperately needing to have a pie and nearly passing out before she finally reached a dairy to consume one.”

I thought this sounded hilarious and a bit OTT at the time but those words stuck with me and boy oh boy I now know that she was right and when you crave something you have to have it like have to, so my husband is well schooled in knowing what will curb my food cravings and he even has the foresight to think ahead and keep the cupboard well stocked top man!

Boy or Girl

We always knew that we would find out the gender at the first available opportunity and when 20 weeks rolled around I couldn’t wait to find out. This scan took by far the longest as this is also when the medical pro’s are checking the development of every limb and organ but eventually we got to the fun part boy or girl. And the result…’s a GIRL (well 98% sure). Call it motherly intuition but I thought this from quite early on and either way we are over the moon.

Body changes and state of mind

From week 23 I started to really feel like there was a bump happening which I’m thankful for my clothes aren’t, but I am. My tummy is a lot rounder and as a result my belly button seems to be stretching out. I’m rubbing on Essano rose hip oil like there’s no tomorrow in the hope that this might suppress or prolong the dreaded stretch marks but we shall see. I seem to have the most intense dreams too – they just seem really dramatic and for some reason I always find myself in these incredibly emotional situations where I’m shouting or justifying or getting peed off with someone or something, which is not really in my nature and kind of leaves me feeling overwhelmed when I wake. In general I have my energy back more or less and I can feel my baby kicking a lot now, she’s most active at night time and sometimes I’ll just lie there and get a kick out of her kicking me.

New outlook on clothes and bras

Anything that stretches is a must right now (25 weeks). I normally like clothes to have a bit of bagginess but the rounder I get, the more I like my clothes to fit me. I’m proud of my bump and quite frankly I can’t hide it so I’m embracing anything that flatters and falls softly or stretches over my bump. Think empire waist lines, fitted midi skirts and stretchy dresses. I also rate Just Jeans maternity skinnies. I have a couple in jet black and they are awesome. Bra size is another thing entirely. My bust was always generous (D to DD) and now well I’m two sizes up from that, (yip E to F) – that is nearly the size of Katie Price after her largest set of implants ahh so naturally I am freaking out and not loving this growth. Yeezus, just yeezus!

Working on my fitness

Pre-pregnancy I was a fan of a light workout and I have kept this up. I do 30 minutes of exercise a day 20 minutes on an incline treadmill or exercycle and 10 minutes on arm exercises and that’s about it. If I can, I will try and keep this up as it is apparently good to maintain some form of fitness throughout pregnancy and I think it’s generally good for my state of mind too, especially if I want to keep eating the things I do!

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